I had the honor of sharing Khamari’s debut track last year and it is great to have him on MIML once again. His new track, ‘Doctor, my Eyes’ is all about looking for perspective.

When I wrote it I had moved from Boston to LA and was trying to make sense of my life. A lot of things were shifting too fast to keep up with, but things I hoped would change stayed the same. I got put on to this Jackson Browne record, and the story resonated with me. That’s where I got the title. It’s about him being desperate to make any sense of his life and experiences. Then a friend played me Incubus, the song ‘Mexico’. I knew I wanted to lay out these thoughts over a guitar that intimate. In the outro my grandfather is the voice that gives me advice because he’s always been an anchor for me. 

Hear it below.

This song touches the soul. At least, that’s what happened to me, and now excuse me while I just lay here, listening to this masterpiece.

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