I listened to this mixtape by Jaden Smith all of last week and I must say
it was an interesting experience to say the least. If the name sounds
familiar but you can't put a face to the name let me provide you with
some visuals.

On the left is Jaden from the Karate Kid and the picture on the right is what he looks like now at 14. He is the son of musician, actor Will
Smith and actress, director Jada Pinkett Smith. Almost scary how much he looks like his father. Moving on, I found out that Jaden had a mixtape a bit late as it was
released on October 1. I first learned about it after coming across this


I watched it a few times and I really started enjoying his laid back style so I decided to download it and give it a listen. First off, this is one of the longest mixtapes I have listened to in a
while. There are 18 tracks and a few are more than five minutes long. I was a bit skeptical about it because he's young, new to the game I
honestly wasn't expecting much but as I told some friends of mine it was way better than expected. It was excellently produced and the music
for each track was dare I say, perfect.
As I said before, I like Jaden's laid back style and he has a way he emphasises his Rs which I enjoyed as well but I must admit probably after
track 12, I got a bit bored with it. As much as I liked his laid back delivery it got a bit monotonous.
There was one track that I just had to skip though, 'Party on Venus',I just was not impressed with it. However, two of my absolute
favourites are 'Just Not Ready' and 'Know Why' those two were on repeat a few times.

I know he's young and he will improve in time.

You can download The Cool Cafe here