Whenever I review an artist’s music and they have an EP or Album coming out, I always say I anticipate its release and I always mean it. Shells self-titled EP is one of those EPs I was really looking forward to and it is here!!!

If you never listened to her music before and you checked out this EP, after hearing ‘Gold’ you would know immediately, that you’re in for some damn good music

The first track off the EP is ‘Gold’. I first heard it when she dropped it back in May of this year and I was blown away. My exact words were ( I kid you not) was, “THIS IS AHMAZING!!” CAPS and everything, so you know it’s genuine.

Second track is Jagwar. This song is quite captivating as SHELLS sings about letting go of something you love, and being stronger for it.

Third track is Jailbird. In an interview with High Clouds, SHELLS explains that for this track, they used a lot of live instruments, percussion, cut-up cymbals, chest-slaps, humming and Kora sounds. She said it was great fun, “creating and building delicate and minimal music underneath such a feisty lyric” adding that the song was one of her favourites. It’s mine as well.

Wrapping up the EP is the previously unreleased’Fly’. SHELLS vocals is so soothing and it matches the vibe of the music so perfectly. SHELL says the track was inspired by a poem about a woman giving different parts of her body to her garden.

“It made me think about how, what and why we give ourselves to the people and things that we love.”

Stream this beautiful piece of work below


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