When someone can tell a story so perfectly, that you understand every word and every emotion expressed, that’s Merival.

I listened to her 5 track EP every quiet moment I could find, which unfortunately did not happen as often as I would have liked, hence the delay in the review but it was important that I get this out because when you enjoy something so much, you just have to share it.

All of the songs on ‘Lovers’ were written before Merival was 20 with the first single, ‘Kicking You Out’ being written when she was 17.

I love all five tracks but I must point out two of my absolute favourites, ‘A Better Deal’ because as you listen, you go into a trance as you follow every note that she makes and ‘Alay Alas’. What is  consistent is the beautiful strumming of that guitar and the way her voice dances over every single chord.

The use of a few instruments and her angelic voice make this one beautiful piece of work.

Well done Merival, I anxiously await a full length album from you.
Check it out below
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