Happy Monday guys. I know the weekend is over and we’re back at work and nursing those Monday blues so let me help make it better by sharing Kylie Odetta’s ‘Undertow’ EP with you.

Kylie’s EP dropped in my inbox late last month and I spent about a week and a half listening to it. If you’re a regular MIML reader you would know that I like to spend a significant amount of time with an album/EP/mixtape. I do that so I don’t miss anything because trust me, you tend to miss things on your first few listens.

Kylie’s style is a little bit of jazz mixed with R&B and Pop and that is a stellar blend.

Let me share my favourites with you.

  1. ‘Sunny Day’ – This is the first song. The lyrics paint this beautiful ‘sunshiney’ day with hearts in the sky. It put a smile on my face and what a great way to start the EP
  2. ‘You Don’t Love Me’ – This is a beautiful song, this is the first song I heard that convinced me to listen to the rest of the album.
  3. 3. ‘Stress’ – I love the lyrics and the melody of this one.
  4. ‘Undertow’ – Now Kylie sings beautifully on every track but there’s something about this song. It’s the way she sings, it’s the lyrics, that really gets to me. I had this on repeat for a while.

Kylie is a star and I look forward to a full length album because this EP was impressive.

Stream it below


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