Matt Woods recently dropped his new EP, ‘Ain’t No Use’. I’ve spent a good week listening to each track repeatedly and boy does Matt have a great voice but it’s more than that. It’s the lyrics, the music.

‘Ain’t No Use’ is a four track EP of perfect electronic R&B.

Speaking about the EP, Woods had to say “This year has been madness. I’ve been sporadically
putting out material while still developing my sound. I’m really pleased that when I look back at 2016 I’ll have this EP to show for it. A couple of the tracks point to where I am coming from, and a couple of them point to where it is all going. 2017 will be fun.

I have never listened to a Matt Woods song before being sent this EP and just after the first song I knew it was something I had to listen to.

The first track, ‘Ain’t No Use’ is so captivating. Matt’s swoon worthy vocals really takes you on a journey. It’s definitely a favourite of mine. The second track, ‘Nothing Less’ is a tune with super lush future soul vibes and if you didn’t fall in love with Matt’s vocals after hearing the first song, you sure will hearing this one. Following this is the very addictive ‘Styrofoam’. Ending this beautiful body of work is an equally beautiful song, ‘If You Forget Me’ and Matt leaves you wanting more till you have no choice but to play the EP all over again.

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