I know there are some music fans out there who think R&B is dead. Trust me when I tell you, it is not, especially when you have artists like David Davis. David has just released his debut album and it is a very impressive body of work.

I have been listening to ‘The Long & Short of It’ for more than a week now so let me share with you my favourites off the 11-track album.

What I love most about this is how David mixes it up. He gives you those perfect ballads like : –

‘Always Be You’ – the song that made me fall in love with his voice. A true love song that is a definite hit.

‘Tomorrow’ – A song where he gives listeners a taste of that falsetto goodness over the sounds of a piano, then when the strings come in, I turn to mush. The beauty of it all is pure perfection.

‘On A Dare’  – Listened to this and I found myself getting lost in its magic.

And then he gives you those tracks you can groove to like : –

‘On Little Mo’ Betta’ – When you listen to this you will be jamming along, snapping your fingers and maybe sneaking in a little slide, something like this

‘Before The Sun Comes Up’ – This track will take over your body and you will find yourself on the dance floor until that sun comes up.

‘Voodoo’ – A song that gives me a little Stevie Wonder vibe.

‘Heartache’ – This one is a definite earworm and after just one listen I was singing along.

Now, I have chosen 7 to highlight but I love every single song on this album and you will too.

Now stream it, buy it and support the artist.


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