Music lovers, I have something so good to share with you. Meet Anieszka, a 25 year old Mauritian/Australian alt-R&B/soul/indie pop artist who today has released ‘Elixir’ – The EP.

It was in April of this year that Anieszka’s music came into my life and I am so glad that it did. Why? When good music hits you the way hers does, it makes everything better.

‘Elixir’ – The EP, Anieszka says, was created with the intention to heal and connect and that it does.

The five-track EP starts with ‘Grow’. A song with a powerful message that every single person is worthy of love, purpose and achieving their dreams. I think it is the perfect way to start things off. The next track is ‘Soleil’, an ode to all mothers, a track that brought tears to my eyes, it’s just a beautiful song.

She switches up the vibe up a bit with the next track ‘Loving You’, which has this smooth island vibe which I loved. Following that is ‘Fluid Gold’. Now its no secret how much I love Anieszka’s voice but her vocals on this track had me like:

It blew me away!

Ending the EP is the track ‘Fly’ a poem borne out of depression turned into a song filled with light. Another stunning track from the singer/songwriter.

I didn’t want this EP to end and when you listen to it you would not want it to end either. I give Elixer a 5/5 and I am looking forward to the moment she drops a full album.

Now I invite you to listen and enjoy this beautiful musical creation.


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