The first time I heard Jada Kingdom’s ‘Last Night’, I loved it immediately. This dancehall gem gave me pure Summer vibes. But then, I listened to it again, and it’s a song that has a powerful message.

She sings:

Who made my drink caz it was
Tampered with
Dida move too fast and
Now mi motion sick
This don’t feel normal I’m not use to this

Just tell me what happen
Du mi a beg sen help but then again I
Did this to myself not innocent
Nuh badda tell my friends mi a drink again
Who did I take home with me
How this reach yah suh mi don’t

Reading these lyrics and watching the official video, it serves as a reminder for all us to be careful when we’re out having a good time.

Check it out below and shoutout Jada for touching on this topic.


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