Today, Sarah Walk releases her newest single and music video ‘CTRL’ (One Little Indian Records). “I wrote this song about fighting against those who bind you”, explains Walk. “I feel like it takes twice as much effort for my voice to be heard as a woman and even then it’s often times not taken seriously. We need to be valuing women’s voices and perspectives and listening more. It all starts with listening.”
The recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was a major catalyst for Walk, who was propelled to do something to help create more awareness and drive change. The song had already been recorded, the idea to make a music video seemed like a no brainer. “I wanted the video for ‘CTRL’ to be a visual representation of how a movement starts and grows.”  said Zoe Travis, the writer and director of the video. “The experience of shooting this was incredible- we cast about 50 women-identified cast members who were very passionate about the project’s message.”

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