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Lostboycrow – ‘Since the Day I Was Born’

LA-based pop artist Lostboycrow unveils the official video for “Since The Day I Was Born,” the first single off of his debut full length album Santa Fe, out early 2019 via RED Music. The track serves as a byproduct of Lostboycrow’s writing retreat in Santa Fe, NM this year.
“I returned with the majority of the album outlined and knew where I wanted it to live conceptually, so the song became a retrospective anthem for the place I had been writing from in Santa Fe. Exploring that peaceful disregard of the future uncertainty with gratitude for the past and where it has gathered me now with those I love.”
There is much to learn when we are young and new, but I believe there is even more to unlearn by the time we get around to looking back,” Lostboycrow said explained about his childhood in a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine. “My childhood is a place where my imagination runs free to this day. The truest sense of wonder has always brought me to the most wonderful places and people. I like to write about them from my place of wonderment.


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