Timebelle – ‘Dopamina’

I listen to this track by Timebelle and I can’t help but feel the need to find a dance floor and dance the night away. I love the song’s energy and vibe and it tells quite the story.

“Recorded in Zürich and produced in Bucharest, ‘DOPAMINA’ is enriched with the latino vibe from Chilean and Colombian horizons, but has at the same time that global flavor encapsulated in its rhythm and harmonies.

‘DOPAMINA’ tells the story about a woman who falls in love with the bad guy, obviously rejected by her family. What nobody knows, neither the family nor the man, is that the woman´s only desire is to take advantage of the high levels of dopamine this guy has to offer to her.

In this scenario, even though it seems she’s the victim, she’s in control of the course of the action. She finds the pleasure, she follows it, she gets it and then leaves the moment she feels drama is about to begin. Whether she has attachment issues or not, we don’t know, and perhaps we will make another song about that.”


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