Rising Panamanian-Israeli songwriter Yael Danon has shared her new pop ballad & music video ‘FOMO’.

The song follows Yael as she reminisces on all her hometown memories while traveling the world to live out her dream.

I love this song. Yael’s tender vocals has totally captivated my heart. She gives us the right dose of Pop that we needed and the visuals go hand in hand with the nostalgic vibe of the song.

Speaking about the track, Yael said:

“I used to terribly suffer from FOMO ( Fear of Missing out) ,” says Yael. “And it’s the summers that hit especially hard. I remember this one specific lonely summer I had where all my friends were having fun without me. Throughout the song, I’m wishing my friends won’t have as much fun in summer without me, even though I love them so much. Call it selfishness, narcissism, insecurities, or anxiety… FOMO is an actual thing.”

“Being alone on the plane was definitely an experience,” Yael goes on to say. “I also think it reflects how leaving a place you know and getting on a plane can feel as lonely as being on an airplane alone.”

Check out the video below.


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