Famed NYC alt-pop duo Marian Hill brings us a new single and video for “It Never Ends”. It’s one of those songs that, after a couple of listens, you will fall to its charms. And wait until you see the video; it’s very captivating as it pushes this line of questioning to its most extreme.

A night on the town goes from passing glances between strangers to secret embraces, culminating in a night that has no end in sight.

Check it out!

The band says:

“Our album title came from a lyric in this song – “Why can’t we just pretend?” Jeremy came up with this fun house beat that felt like just the right amount of new for us and the melodies poured out. It’s about wishing ou could just hold on to the best moments and stay in them forever – in a relationship, a night out, or a whole life. It’s so nice to live in the world of magical thinking for a moment…but of course, it’s ultimately impossible to hold on to anything as time pushes all our favorite moments through our fingers like sand.”


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