Critically acclaimed Singaporean singer and songwriter Linying first appeared on MIML in 2016. And, in that year, I shared three tracks, and each one was so good. Linying’s music is the kind that takes your breath away.

Her single, ‘Faith’ showcases layers of glitchy production brush up against ethereal keys as Linying’s delicate vocals echo and, this momentum gracefully builds towards a hypnotic personal affirmation, “I want a little faith in me“.

Of the song, Linying comments:

“I’ve always had trouble with predestination. I think we have so small a degree of agency and control over our circumstances, our lives and ourselves, and so the notions of penance and salvation and consequence are really frustrating to me. I wrote ‘Faith’ in a moment of discouragement, wishing I could have that kind of goodness and belief in me.” 

The accompanying visuaIiser by Zach Bell mirrors the track’s delicate ebb and flow with handcrafted animation, integrating fine art and fairytale motifs seamlessly in a near picture-perfect representation of the melodies and lyrics. Balancing anxiety and ascendancy, she reckons and wrestles with unsure feelings through subtle delivery and eloquent songcraft.

‘Faith’ is off Linying’s full-length debut album, ‘There Could Be Wreckage Here’, out on January 14, 2022.


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