Kelli-Leigh comes through at the right time and gives me a song that I truly needed to hear.

‘Be Alright’ was written from a painfully honest place about being kind to yourself and appreciating all the things you’ve been through. When you reflect on what we’ve all been through last year and this new year brings the same energy, we’ve got to remind ourselves that we will be okay.

Stream this beautiful track below.

“I hope this song brings some healing to whoever hears it the way it did when I wrote it with producer Hoost. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be in a place of achievement, success and validation usually coming from the outside worlds perception of who we should be. We spend so much time looking ahead that we don’t realise half the time what we have achieved through the things we’ve been through. This year of 2020 hasn’t been kind to any of us, and as we leave it behind and look for light in 2021, be kind to yourself, allow yourself to breathe and realise how special you are in this present moment. Take time tell yourself that ‘I’m gonna ‘Be Alright’, lots of love, Kelli-Leigh x x”


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