Chrissy B – ‘More than Anyone’

This song by Chrissy B has totally captivated my heart. ‘More Than Anyone is a beautiful love song and this young artist delivered these lyrics perfectly.

She explains that the track started off as a homework assignment.

Since I liked how it sounded, I turned into into a full song and got help from other musicians at my school. The assignment was a lyric writing exercise where I tried to create new metaphors. Specifically, the lyric “Dark nights turn into happy sunrise” came straight from my lyric writing exercise. Shortly after starting to work on the production of the song, my school was shut down and everyone helping me on the project and myself had to complete the song remotely. Eventually the song all came together and it was my first time hearing other musicians add their ideas to a song I wrote and bring it to life. I think the song is a perfect representation of my sound because it’s similar to other singer-songwriters I like but also has some jazz elements which I really love. Some artists I primarily draw influence from are Norah Jones, Birdy, and Dodie Clark.

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