Ben Phipps 🐘 – ‘Don’t Stop Now’ (ft. Sam DeRosa)

I think I just found my new favourite song thanks to Ben Phipps. Taking notes from artists like Louis The Child and Whethan, Ben brings that modern pop sound on ‘Don’t Stop Now’. The lyrics are catchy, Sam DeSosa’s vocals are so good and the vibe is infectious. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Ben Phipps 🐘 on Facebook and Twitter… Read more »

Hanz – ‘Indifference

I’m listening to this track here and I am vibing man. I am feeling the energy of this and I am loving it. It’s a beautify of a track that takes you to a place you never want to leave. Hanz is a 24 year old producer from Oslo, Norway. About ‘Indifference, Hanz said, “I made this… Read more »

RIVVRS – ‘Don’t Wanna Know’

I have the perfect song for you to chill to this weeked. It’s RIVVRS’ ‘Don’t Wanna Know’. It has this Americana vibe and RIVVRS with his raspy tone gives a stellar vocal performance. The song produced by Joshua James and Brandon Zahursky, features members of Utah based band, Uncle Reno (Isaac Russell, bass guitar and Ronnie… Read more »

The Swoons – ‘Lost’

The last time I featured music from The Swoons was back in 2016 so I was thrilled to see their music return to my inbox. ‘Lost’ dropped last month but I’m only getting an opportunity to share it now. The track, is a future pop vibe that is pushing all the right buttons. My favourite… Read more »

Tritonal – ‘Out My Mind’ feat Riley Clemmons

Tritonal release their next single ‘Out My Mind’ featuring vocals from Capitol Records artist Riley Clemmons, on the legendary Astralwerks imprint. ‘Out My Mind’ showcases the Austin-based duo’s love for dance floor-tinged pop music. The song is built around an infusion of acoustic guitars, synths, warm tones, Riley Clemmons’ bright energetic voice and feel-good vibes,… Read more »

Dresage – ‘Linger’

I still can’t believe Dolores O’Riordan is gone. It seems so unreal. Her sudden passing really hit me hard. Her music was a major part of my life growing up. For Dresage, Dolores was one of her greatest vocal inspirations. This cover that you’re about to hear was done back in 2015. It was just… Read more »

Hænrik – ‘If This Aint Love’

When was the last time you listened to a rock ballad? Nobody really does it anymore  and I don’t know why. Thankfully there’s Hænrik who has honestly blown me away with his track ‘If This Ain’t Love’. So much emotion as he captures the self-deception of a love that is almost there, but more wanted than found… Read more »

Frank & Friedrich – ‘Higher’ (feat. Bastien)

Frank & Friedrich definitely have a hit on their hands with this track. ‘Higher’, their second single, features Bastien and it’s soo good! Check it out below LINK UP!!! Frank & Friedrich on Facebook

Oliver Nelson, Tobtok – ’99 Red Balloons’ (Audio) ft. River

’99 Re Balloons’ is a classic and to celebrate it’s 35th anniversary, emerging Nordic talents Oliver Nelson and Tobtok have reimagined Nena’s hit track and the boys have done an amazing job. “We decided to maintain the 80’s vibe yet make it contemporary and used the iconic bassline as the lead-melody and it turned out a… Read more »

Emilia Ali – ‘Thick Thighs’

I am so digging this sultry vibe that Emilia Ali is giving on ‘Thick Thighs’. You kept me in bed, well-fed, needed reset You made me forget that thick thighs are meant to climb What are you waiting on??! Hurry up and add this to your favourite playlist. I have 😉 LINK UP!!! Emilia Ali… Read more »

  • Andy Kong – ‘Harbor in a Hurricane’

    Andy Kong’s ‘Harbor in a Hurricane’ is the definition of a hit song. The San Francisco singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist has such a pure voice, I could listen to him sing all day. Speaking about the song, he says, “I think this past year has made many of us realize all too intimately how nothing in this world is… Read more »

  • Magdalena Bay – ‘Waking Up’

    Magdalena Bay’s ‘Waking Up’ is my new favourite song. It’s a synth driven indie-pop gem that’s about new love and new perspectives. Absolutely dreamy LINK UP!!! Magdalena Bay on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Bruno Martini & Zeeba – ‘With Me’

    With several global hits and over 600 million streams under his belt, Brazilian superstar Bruno Martini once again lives up to his reputation as one of the most prolific and multi-talented producers of a new generation. His past gems “Hear Me Now” and “Never Let Me Go” redefined electronic music by introducing a new and… Read more »

  • Jay Bird – ‘Up Here’

    Jay Bird has dropped a wicked new piece of music. ‘Up Here’ continues Jay Bird’s genre-fusing exploration of electronic music production by blending the arrangement of an indie electronic track with a landscape of future bass sound design. While the lyrics explore the idea of how escape through imagination and fantasy can pave the way to… Read more »

  • Nick Shattuck – ‘Cliffside’

    Nick Shattuck’s new tune is a beauty to hear. He is definitely bringing the feels on ‘Cliffside’ and I love when he sings, “life is bloody but it’s beautiful”. That it is. Stream the song below LINK UP!!! Nick Shattuck on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Amigo 1000 – ‘A Game I Just Can’t Win’ Feat. Jutty Ranx

    Amigo 1000’s ‘A Game I Just Can’t Win’ is sure to get you hooked. The electro R&B tune has this phenomenal vibe that features the smooth as silk vocals of Jutty Ranx. Hear it below Amigo 1000 is a fresh project courtesy of Thomas Volmer Schulz, the man behind the moniker is a frequent collaborator… Read more »

  • PREMIERE: WAJU – ‘Solo’ ft NBDY

    Happy Friday music lovers!! If you can’t tell I’m super excited and that’s because I have my first premiere for 2018 and what a premiere it is. New York producer/songwriter WAJU has dropped his fifth single, ‘Solo’ an R&B track that’s buttery smooth and features the amazing NJ/NY based artist NBDY. The vibe of it is… Read more »

  • Modern Machines – ‘Hazy’ Ft. Saint Slumber (Sir Matty V Remix)

    Sir Matty V returns to MIML with an official remix of Modern Machines’ ‘Hazy’ featuring Saint Slumber. He gives it a bit of a tropical vibe creating a remix that is as infectious as it is electrifying. Take it in below LINK UP!!! Sir Matty V on Facebook  

  • Maths Time Joy – ‘Count On Me’ (featuring Toulouse & Zaia)

    Ohh Maths Time Joy. You sir, have done it again. You have delivered another masterpiece, this time with the help of Nigerian born and New York based vocalist Toulouse and 20-year-old Atlanta native, Zaia. I had to spend a considerable amount of time just listening to this track on repeat before I could write this… Read more »

  • Sky Keller – ‘Dont Get It’

    I’ve had Sky Keller’s latest track on repeat for the last 30 minutes. It has such a delicious vibe. The lyrics captured my attention and it’s the way she delivers these words. Your vibe is so controlling I almost didn’t notice How the hell did you just change my mind My heart it feels so… Read more »