Kaptan – ‘Hardest Part’

Kaptan recently shared the third single from his latest EP ‘Over You’. The track ‘Hardest Part’ is highly personal as he wrote about what it was like to lose his mother a few years ago. It’s a beautiful song that will definitely hit home for many who have experienced this sort of loss, this sort… Read more »

Tobtok – ‘On My Way’ (Viga Remix)

Start your week on a high note with Viga’s remix of Tobtok’s ‘On My Way’ in your ear. Viga never disappoints and this remix is worth a place on your playlist. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Viga on Facebook and Twitter    

KYLO – ‘Your Eyes’

Get ready to get lost in the magic that is ‘Your Eyes’. KYLO has returned with a MSA produced track that is buttery smooth. Check out the video below LINK UP!!! KYLO on Facebook and  Twitter    

ARY – ‘Anymore’ (Official Video)

I give ARY’s ‘Anymore’ two thumbs up. ARY is a Portuguese Alt. Electro-Rock band from Lisbon formed by members Erika Martyns, Dénis Rhomays, Ziig Mendes and David Rodrigues. Erika gives a stellar vocal performance on this track. She has an amazing voice and the musicians bring that rock vibe that I can’t get enough of. Check… Read more »

Wulf – ‘All Things Under The Sun’

Well damn Wulf! This song is absolutely phenomenal. I knew he was talented but this right here is pure perfection. LINK UP!!! Wulf on Facebook and Twitter

Cautious Clay – ‘Juliet + Caesar’

Cautious Clay has blessed my ears with new music and I couldn’t be happier. Cautious is an artist who blew me away with just two tracks in the latter part of last year, one of which I placed at number 9 in my top 60 tracks of 2017. His talent is incredible and I’m sure… Read more »

Reigen – ‘DREAMS’ (cover of The Cranberries)

When I saw “cover of The Cranberries” in my inbox, I was cautious to open it. I absolutely love The Cranberries and in every cover I’ve listened to, I wasn’t impressed until now. Reigen comes through with a stunning falsetto and it’s just perfect. It’s a cover I’m sure Dolores would fall in love with…. Read more »

Whethan – ‘Savage’ (Coyster Remix)

Coyster has delivered such an incredible remix of Whethan’s ‘Savage’ that it has become my newest obsession. Enjoy it below  

Louis The Child – ‘Last to Leave’ (ft. Caroline Ailin)

‘Last to Leave’ is my favourite track from Louis The Child. The vibe is amazing with the synths and Caroline Ailin’s fabulous vocals. I’m definitely swooning! Stream it below LINK UP!!! Louis The Child on Facebook and Twitter Caroine Ailin on Twitter

Tritonal – ‘Call Me’ (Remixes)

Texas-based duo Tritonal is kicking off the new year with their latest single “Call Me” receiving six genre-bending reworks from across the dance floor. The package opens up with Austin-based producer Noah Neiman’s electronic-pop take on the track, with swelling builds that crash into the vocals as soft tones cascade around them. Sj, who previously… Read more »

  • Rynx – ‘Want You’ (feat. Miranda Glory)

    RYNX’s ‘Want You’ is as infectious as it is electrifying. On his debut original song, RYNX teams up with gifted artist, Miranda Glory and together they create a masterpiece. Hear it below I know you’re loving it so click here for the free download. LINK UP!!! Rynx on Facebook and Twitter Miranda Glory on Facebook and Twitter

  • Dan Bravo – ‘Never Change’

    Dan Bravo’s ‘Never Change’ is an addictive delight. The Norwegian based producer brings that fresh electronic and R&B vibe that you’re gonna love. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Dan Bravo on Facebook and Twitter    

  • Shalyah Fearing – ‘I’ll Get Over You’

    Am I the only one getting goosebumps with this? Shalyah Fearing is a star at 17-years-old. I’m a sucker for vocals and hers is absolutely incredible. She says ‘I’ll Get Over You’ is a song that embraces the process of breaking up, hurting, and moving on, but still being pulled by their influence. “I want… Read more »

  • Fabian Secon – ‘Blood Kisses’

    The last track Fabian Secon dropped (Haze) was my favourite now this new tune has replaced that one. I’ve said it before and I have to say it again. He is just getting better and better with every release. Speaking on the new track, Fabian says, “‘Blood Kisses’ has an aggressive feel to it with heavy… Read more »

  • Show Clothes – ‘Philosophy’ ft. Gavriella & Maliq

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve featured music from Show Clothes. So I’m happy he has returned to MIML and with such an incredible track. ‘Philosophy’ which features the talented singer/songwriters Gavriella & Maliq, is a song that blends French House and RnB vibes. As I listen to this over and over, I just don’t… Read more »

  • Wafia – ‘Only Love’

    Rising artist Wafia dropped her newest track ‘Only Love’ just a few days ago. The song was written by Wafia, Ben Abraham (Kesha), Rashad Muhammad (Beyoncé, M.I.A., Syd) and Rogét Chahayed (Halsey, D.R.A.M.) and produced by HazeBanga and Rogét Chahayed. ‘Only Love’ is taken from Wafia’s highly anticipated VIII EP, set for release January 19 via… Read more »

  • Tritonal – ‘Shinin’ Bright’

    To close out a year full of sold out shows, festival main stage performances and bold new sounds and styles, Tritonal have one more release to debut: ‘Shinin Bright’ out now on Spinnin Records. The bubbly progressive house tune is the ultimate feel good song and contains Tritonal’s signature anthemic energy. Stream it below LINK… Read more »

  • Phil Goo – ‘I’ll Fix It’

    If you’re not in the best moods today (like me) Phil Good will definitely fix that with his latest tune. It’s an incredible track that you will want to immediately add to your playlists Click here to give it some love on Hype Machine LINK UP!!! Phil Good on Facebook and Twitter

  • Jumanji – ‘Constellations’

    It was back in September when I shared Jumanji’s ‘Higher‘ and now the Brighton band have returned to delight once again. ‘Constellations’ is a fun indie rock/pop tune that will put you in a good mood. Enjoy it below LINK UP!!! Jumanji on Facebook and Twitter      

  • X-Change & Ultimate Rejects – ‘Make The Party Go Boom’

    The energy on X-Change and the Ultimate Rejects out of Trinidad and Tobago (😁) is insane!!!!!! Like I’m so hyped that I don’t think I can sleep. All I want to do is leave this tune on repeat so I could dance till the sun comes up. Hear it below YES! If you’re feeling the… Read more »