Sophia Danai – ‘Come Thru’

Sophia Danai sings with so much passion and soul on her new single ‘Come Thru’. The track has this bluesy electro-pop soul vibe and Sophia gives us this gritty tone as she sings about the worst break up she has ever experienced. “I sing ‘Come Thru’ from the most unedited part of me,” the singer… Read more »

Doug DeLuca – ‘Put Me Away’

Doug DeLuca brings this bluesy R&B vibe on his new track ‘Put Me Away’ and it is beautiful. Stream it below This is the fourth single off Doug DeLuca’s debut EP ‘Hit Your Mark’. LINK UP!!! Doug DeLuca on Facebook and Twitter

Sean Turk – ‘No Drama’

“My pops was a musician and introduced me to a lot of music he listened to early on in my life. He used to play me Steely Dan, Tower of Power, Boston, and all these old-school groups that definitely influenced me to pick up playing instruments. I started playing string instruments like the violin but… Read more »

Ethan Payton – ‘Turn Me Down’

This song has me moving in my seat. Meet Ethan Payton, and his latest offering “Turn Me Down”. It hits home for me and gives my glints of nostalgia and euphoria, making for a resonating listen.

Travis Mendes – ‘Do Over’

I am digging this chill vibe that Travis Mendes brings on his latest track, ‘Do Over’. On it, the NY songwriter and artist teams up with longtime collaborator Mylon Hayde as well as Ys and Raleigh of The Vamp to release ‘Do Over’ a song about hitting the reset button on a struggling relationship. Stream… Read more »

Speak Easy – ‘King of Wakanda’

Wow. I am blown away by how awesome this tune is. It’s been on repeat all morning and with spring around the corner I’m feeling swell. Head over to Spotify for more.

Jumanji – ‘Alyssa’

Jumanji continues to put out great music with this new single ‘Alyssa’. According to singer, Neneh Atkins, the song was inspired by the UK series ‘End of the F***ing World’. “We felt it was a really good series and we were compelled to write something about the story.” Check it out I think I just found my… Read more »

Yeti Tactics – ‘Ivory Tower’

Get ready to get lost in the magic that is ‘Ivory Tower’. This is track three of Yeti Tactic’s new album ‘Expectation Reality’ which is out now. There is something so comforting about this track, it could be the beautiful music or those soothing vocals, but whatever it is, I know this is one track… Read more »

Luke De-Sciscio – ‘The Sky Exhaled’ (Official Video)

Happy Monday! I’m starting the week off with a beautiful stop motion animation music video from Luke De-Sciscio. Speaking about the video Luke said, “so on the first day of this year I decided it was time to try pushing myself in a new direction. Acting, somewhat naively, on a dream – I set myself a… Read more »

Bankhead – ‘Better Dayz’ (Produced By Kloud Beats)

I am loving Bankhead’s flow! The Atlanta based artist dropped ‘Better Dayz’ last month. Check it out. “This song describes the felling I got when I heard about my sister’s situation and the way people treated her after she was there for them.” – Bankhead LINK UP!!! Bankhead on Twitter  

  • Jocelyn Alice – I Know (PLS&TY Remix)

    This is one remix that is going to be on repeat for a long time. PLS&TY has blessed our ears with some synth magic on his remix of Jocelyn Alice’s ‘I Know’. Speaking to EARMILK about the track, PLS&TY said, “Remixing “I Know”, I desired to give the vocal space to glow in the verses… Read more »

  • Tiger Darrow – ‘Like Summer’

    Tiger Darrow is my new favourite artist. The way she sang on this track struck my heart and the lyrics struck my soul. Speaking to Atwood Magazine,, Tiger said ‘Like Summer’ s about expecting growth and change as a result of time and distance from someone — but sometimes nothing changes at all.” Hear it below… Read more »

  • KaraJishi – ‘Give Up the Ghost’

    When two super talented people decide to work together, you can only expect great things. In this case, we have Grammy-award winning artist Elijah Blake and underground producer Ben Strick  coming together to create the musical project, KaraJishi. They deliver music that blends Elijah’s R&B side with Ben’s experimental/prog-rock and metal influences and it’s pure magic…. Read more »

  • Lauv – ‘Chasing Fire’

    Independent singer, songwriter and producer Lauv releases his brand new single ‘Chasing Fire’ which he co-wrote and co-produced. Lauv said of the single: “’Chasing Fire’ is about fighting for something that’s already over. It’s the beginning of the end. It’s desperation. It’s grand. But it’s hopeless.” “Chasing Fire” serves as the follow up single to… Read more »

  • Fabian Secon – ‘Nowhere’

    When an artist can be THIS consistent with the quality of his/her music, it is almost mindblowing. With every track Fabian Secon drops, I’m left like this ‘Nowhere’ is his first release of 2018 and it is a hard-hitting motivational anthem. “No matter the pain I’m feeling, I’ll keep fighting, ain’t going nowhere”, Fabian can… Read more »

  • Jenaux – ‘GIVE IT UP’

    I’m making it a rule to start every day with Jenaux’s ‘Give It Up’ on repeat. I did that today and man, my day just keeps getting better and better! That’s all the good vibes that is in this funky track. Jenaux said he channeled his inner 80s for this track. You can definitely hear… Read more »

  • Sam Johnson – ‘Way Back Home’

    Sam Johnson addresses the current state of politics on his new track ‘Way Back Home’. I love his voice, as someone commented, he has this “rich and rugged sound” and I couldn’t agree more. Speaking about the track Sam explains, “’Way Back Home’ is written about the state of global politics that surrounds me. Strange… Read more »

  • Amari & Nico Morano feat. Jinadu – ‘Desire’

    Amari & Nico Morano’s ‘Desire’ is one fantastic track. The vocals courtesy Jinadu are amazing and it works so well with the overall vibe of the track. These three have created a great atmosphere here, I love it! Check it out  

  • Felonius Chino – Limitless

    Looking for a mean feel good rap song? Look no further because we have a treat for you! “Limitless” by MC Felonius Chino is a great song for any function or backyard bbq. Heavy flows, mean bars and a buttery instrumental keep my ears on their toes.

  • Maurice Roper – ‘Kind to You’

    If you’re a fan of Contemporary R&B, you’re gonna love Maurice Roper. ‘Kind to You’ is a fantastic track. It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted this on my blog. Maurice’s vocals really soar as he wishes his significant other, who has to move away, well. According to the press release, the track is… Read more »