Ryangel – ‘Stole My Heart’

Sometimes I get a song with a title that perfectly describes the way it makes me feel as I listened. And in this case Ryangel definitely stole my heart. The Swiss DJ/producer gives music lovers a vocal house vibe that is insanely infectious! Check it out This track has been on repeat for a long… Read more »

VenessaMichaels – ‘Ridin’ The Waves’ featuring Effy & Outlaw The Artist (Official Music Video)

It’s been almost a year since I’ve shared new music from VenessaMichaels. Now the wait ends, with ‘Ridin’ The Waves’ The track features Effy & Outlaw The Artist and it’s the leading single off her debut EP, ‘FLIGHT.’ The track’s official video is as wavy as the song itself. Check it out Doesn’t it put… Read more »

MEAUX – ‘Summertime’

Wanna hear my new favourite artist? Here you go: The song may be titled ‘Summertime’ but it’s definitely one you can listen to all year. Meaux said the song stemmed from the feeling of nostalgia about a past summertime love. “I wanted to write a song that captured the feeling of being free and in love… Read more »

Sub Blue – ‘Looks Can’t Fool Me’

UK Alt-R&B phenom Sub Blue is an extraordinary artist. I’ve been featuring his music since late last year and he is consistently putting out some really great music. And finally we have a debut EP to enjoy. ‘Surburban View’ was released on July 6 and with it came a music video for the track ‘Looks… Read more »

Sheeba – ‘So Good’

 Can you believe this is her first single release EVER?! When an artist comes out the gate with something this good, you know they are definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on. The vibe on ‘So Good’ is incredible, and I think it can be a major Summer hit. I also can’t… Read more »

Alisky – ‘Traces’ (feat. IOLITE)

Happy Sunday music lovers! As I get ready to leave my hotel room to jump on a flight back home my energy levels are on a high and that’s because I’ve had Alisky’s new track on repeat all morning. The track is pure FIRE, it has this amazing groove and let’s talk about IOLITE’s vocals…. Read more »

PUSHER & Anjulie – ‘All We Can Do’ (Official Music VIdeo)

Toronto-based DJ and producer, PUSHER, has joined forces with highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer Anjulie on a poignant new single tackling gun violence titled “All We Can Do” The release is the second single off PUSHER’s forthcoming EP, PAPERMAN, scheduled to be released October 19th, 2018. For “All We Can Do” PUSHER, real name… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’

Callum Pitt is back with a new track and it is superb! ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ is the Callum’s fifth single. According to the press release, the track “showcases Callum at his Americana-influenced best, beginning with the kind of folky fingerpicked riff that has become his trademark, and building into a crescendo of foot-stomping… Read more »

Gitty – ‘Karaoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to your favourite playlist. Gitty’s ‘Karoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold. The track has this jazzy R&B pop vibe and you also get a little old-school soul up in there. All three artists clearly work so well together because what they have here is a definite hit. Check… Read more »

James Walker – ‘Next to Me’ (feat. Josephine Zwaan)

James Walker’s ‘Next to Me’ is an addictive delight. It has a kind of soulful pop vibe that is stunning. This track was originally released as an electric guitar/full-band track on James’ debut album, ‘English Bones’ but what you’re about to hear is a rearranged version featuring his good friend and De Beste Singer Songwriter finalist… Read more »

  • Jordan Rakei – ‘Street Light’ (feat. Gwen Bunn)

    Australian artist, Jordan Rakei presents his first single, ‘Street Light’ off of his upcoming EP, ‘Groove Curse’. This track is extra groovy and Rakei’s voice is smooth like butter and he gets some help from Berklee College of Music Alumni Gwen Bunn (vocalist and producer of Schoolboy Q’s Collard Greens feat. Kendrick Lamar). According to… Read more »

  • JDVBBS – ‘War Paint’

    Washington D.C. rapper/producer JDVBBS (pronounced ‘jay-dubs’) presents “War Paint”, his self-produced single from his new album subURBAN. It’s a fun track and you get a taste of several different genres from funk to rap even to a little bit of EDM. I think it’s a song many people will enjoy. Explaining the song, JDVBBS said,… Read more »

  • Dunson – Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper (Official Music Video)

    One of my favourite artists has dropped a brand new video for his hit song ‘Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper’ Dunson, a Maryland native presents a track that’s raw and a beat that’s hot in a video you will enjoy and will want to replay many times. He’s underrated but I think this track is… Read more »

  • astronomyy – ‘Nothin On My Mind’

    Something new from London-based artist astronomy off of his upcoming EP, ‘THERE FOR U’. As ‘Nothin On My Mind’ begins, you get a taste of how great it is when you hear that guitar and as it goes on, you hear astronomyy’s vocals which are absolutely beautiful and you can’t help but play it over… Read more »

  • JOY. – ‘Captured’

    This song is simply beautiful. Listen to this track with your eyes closed and take in Joy.’s amazing voice. ‘Captured’ is the first single from the Brisbane based artist and it is the brainchild of 17 year old alternative artist and producer Olivia McCarthy. She surely has captured my attention, and I can’t wait to… Read more »

  • Maryann – ‘Two Marys’ Feat. Devin The Dude

    Maryann is back with her latest single, ‘Two Marys’ ft Devin The Dude. It’s a clever song that’s about a man having to make a choice between two Marys. The track is produced by N8 the Gr8 and you get to enjoy his lumunous synths and a slow-rolling percussion while listening to Maryann’s beautiful voice… Read more »

  • Sango – ‘206’

    When I heard Drake’s ‘The Catch Up’ and realised he sampled from James Blake’s, ‘Digital Lion’, I knew someone was going to put them together, and I’m glad that Sango, was the first, that I’ve heard at least, and he killed it. He blended these two songs together to make a track that is so… Read more »

  • Lily Allen – ‘Bass Like Home’

    Lily Allen released her “unofficial” World Cup song a few hours ago and I am loving it. I love Lily Allen but who knew she could deliver such a wicked House-inspired track. I would love to hear more music like this from her. Listen below What do you think?  

  • ‘Burn the Rez’ an impressive debut album

    I’m just loving all the bands that are emerging right now and the music they are putting out there. The album I’m reviewing is self-titled from a two man band/studio project called Burn the Rez. Before I listened to their album, I listened to their cover of Madonna’s 80s classic ‘Isla La Bonita’ and I… Read more »

  • Logan Freeman on first album: "We’re going to make sure the world hears this thing…one way or another."

      Last year, I reviewed an album called ‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’ from the band, Dorean Lives. It is an album that renewed my love for the alternative genre and I know once more people hear them, they are going to be HUGE. You can read the review here. In an… Read more »