BAYNK – ‘Be In Love / Years’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from BAYNK and now the New Zealand producer returns to delight once again. ‘Be In Love/Years’ is a double A-side single and it is spectacular. He definitely has another masterpiece here. Hear it below Alongside the new single, BAYNK is also announcing his first-ever U.S. headline shows, set… Read more »

Jules – ‘Before You Picked Her’

Not much information was given about Jules other than that she is a “16-year-old powerhouse with the soul of an 80 year old southern woman.” They did not lie. I’m on my fourth listen and I still can’t believe she is so young. This is one exceptional song.

Axel Mansoor – ‘Father Time’

I have been listening to this song for the last 30 minutes, getting lost in it and almost forgetting that I had a blog to write. Axel Mansoor really takes you somewhere with ‘Father Time’. It’s a song that puts you in a very reflective mood. He says he wrote it to himself on his… Read more »

AME ARDAI – ‘Blue’

Ame Ardai has a voice that deserves your attention. The Stockholm-based independent artist recently released her track ‘Blue’. It’s an R&B/pop gem that will be on repeat for quite some time. Stream it below LINK UP!!! AME ARDAI on Facebook

Alexis Troy x Serious Klein – ‘Game Hunt’

Germany-based rapper Serious Klein and producer Alexis Troy have come together to create one wicked new tune. ‘Game Hunt’ is the title track of Manchester United star Paul Pogba’s Adidas campaign for his new collection. The track is so good, even if you’re not a Manchester United fan you’re going to have this on repeat. Check… Read more »

BATTS – ‘Shame’ (Official Music Video)

It was almost a month ago I shared BATTS’ ‘Shame’ and now I have the official video for you enjoy. Creating the visual for ‘Shame’ with director Dyllan Corbett (Saatsuma, Rat & Co, Habits) BATTS commented on the video: “Thematically we were after a sliding door effect of having two separate outlooks/moods and the outcome… Read more »

GunFight – ‘Herculean Waves’

Electronic artist, GunFight brings us his new project titled ‘Herculean Waves’. From start to finish it’s incredible. The forward thinking production matched with his vocals is quite the pair. Enjoy. LINK UP!!! GunFight on Facebook and Twitter

maya law – ‘Give Me No Love’ (Prod. Gabriel Gifford)

maya law’s ‘Give Me No Love’ is a track I loved the moment I pressed play. It starts off with this jazzy vibe and then maya’s smooth and soulful vocals come in and she sings: burnt my fingers on my cigarette the day you left And after that, I was hooked. Stream it below

Mat Hours – ‘Le phone’

Mat Hours new track is an addictive delight. ‘Le phone’ is feel good music with french melodic voices. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Mat Hours on Facebook and Twitter  

Denny White – ‘Alone with You’

Get ready to get lost in the magic that is ‘Alone With You’.  It’s a fantastic pop track and I was hooked in seconds but that’s the usual with any Denny White track. Check it out LINK UP!!! Denny White on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Music is Love

    Music is life. I can’t function without it, it calms me after a long, hard day, it makes me happy, it helps me to think, it just plays a major role in my life and it always has since I was a child. I’m always curious to hear other people’s experiences with music and recently… Read more »

  • Colin Munroe – ‘Unsung Hero’

    Honestly, I was not sure who Colin Munroe was but in my search for new music, I found one of his songs from his recently released mixtape entitled ‘Unsung Hero’ and it surely piqued my interest and I downloaded the 10 track set and listened to it every day for the entire week and I… Read more »

  • My favourite YouTubers

    I love YouTube and I love that people can use it to showcase their talent and get their name out there. I have found a few artists on YouTube who I absolutely love and I’m going to share them because I think they are amazing. These artists all start out doing covers of other songs… Read more »

  • Wynter Gordon – ‘Doleo’

      I only found out about Wynter Gordon’s Doleo EP last week although it was released in July. Doleo which means “Pain” in Latin is the first part of the series of Gordon’s four free EP’s she intends to release which examine the Human Condition. It is expected to explore a different emotion. I decided… Read more »

  • 4 Strings

    My journey into electronic dance music was a simple one. It started off with techno and that was really all I knew and I liked some songs, I never was a HUGE fan of anything else. Until a few years ago… In the Caribbean where I am from, the usual genres of music that infiltrate … Read more »

  • One in a Million

    Listening to this song on repeat while I write this post. Sigh. Aaliyah was one of my favourite artistes, from the moment I saw that video above I was a fan. I remember the day I heard the news, it was a Sunday and my mother was in the kitchen preparing lunch when she called… Read more »

  • The Man that is Bob Marley

    I came across this article about Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley on Wednesday where he discussed his father’s impact as well as his role in the recent documentary entitled ‘Marley’ depicting the life of Bob. Ziggy said, “”[People] see my father as being down-to-earth, cool and … like a friend,” “His personality still resonates… Read more »

  • Mantra's Top 10

    As I said in my first post, I love all genres of music and in this post I’ll focus on Trance. As a teenager techno was the big thing at one point for me but a few years ago I fell in love with trance music after hearing 4 String’s – Take Me Away After… Read more »

  • Wish – ‘Me Against Her’

    This is not my first time blogging, I have a few blogs out there but I never thought of doing one like this. Truly the inspiration came from two people. A colleague of mine who started a book review blog. I thought that was a great idea since she enjoys reading so much as well… Read more »

  • Introduction

    Hello there, This blog is just an avenue for me to share what I consider one of the most important things to me and that is music. I’m not a musician, I can’t sing (even though I think I can sometimes), I just love listening to music, it does not matter what genre it is…. Read more »