Sub Blue – ‘Looks Can’t Fool Me’

UK Alt-R&B phenom Sub Blue is an extraordinary artist. I’ve been featuring his music since late last year and he is consistently putting out some really great music. And finally we have a debut EP to enjoy. ‘Surburban View’ was released on July 6 and with it came a music video for the track ‘Looks… Read more »

Sheeba – ‘So Good’

 Can you believe this is her first single release EVER?! When an artist comes out the gate with something this good, you know they are definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on. The vibe on ‘So Good’ is incredible, and I think it can be a major Summer hit. I also can’t… Read more »

Alisky – ‘Traces’ (feat. IOLITE)

Happy Sunday music lovers! As I get ready to leave my hotel room to jump on a flight back home my energy levels are on a high and that’s because I’ve had Alisky’s new track on repeat all morning. The track is pure FIRE, it has this amazing groove and let’s talk about IOLITE’s vocals…. Read more »

PUSHER & Anjulie – ‘All We Can Do’ (Official Music VIdeo)

Toronto-based DJ and producer, PUSHER, has joined forces with highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer Anjulie on a poignant new single tackling gun violence titled “All We Can Do” The release is the second single off PUSHER’s forthcoming EP, PAPERMAN, scheduled to be released October 19th, 2018. For “All We Can Do” PUSHER, real name… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’

Callum Pitt is back with a new track and it is superb! ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ is the Callum’s fifth single. According to the press release, the track “showcases Callum at his Americana-influenced best, beginning with the kind of folky fingerpicked riff that has become his trademark, and building into a crescendo of foot-stomping… Read more »

Gitty – ‘Karaoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to your favourite playlist. Gitty’s ‘Karoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold. The track has this jazzy R&B pop vibe and you also get a little old-school soul up in there. All three artists clearly work so well together because what they have here is a definite hit. Check… Read more »

James Walker – ‘Next to Me’ (feat. Josephine Zwaan)

James Walker’s ‘Next to Me’ is an addictive delight. It has a kind of soulful pop vibe that is stunning. This track was originally released as an electric guitar/full-band track on James’ debut album, ‘English Bones’ but what you’re about to hear is a rearranged version featuring his good friend and De Beste Singer Songwriter finalist… Read more »

Amber J – ‘Good Feeling’

Amber J’s ‘Good Feeling’ is an outstanding track. She delivers such beautiful lyrics so perfectly, I can’t stop listening to it. Check it out below and listen out for something really amazing near the end 😉 ‘Good Feeling’ is the title track of Amber J’s debut EP. LINK UP!!! Amber J on Facebook

JSPH – ‘Reasons’

I think I’ve found my new favourite song, JSPH’s ‘Reasons’. I love the vibe JSPH brings on this track. It’s that kind of soul that touches your heart and really stays with you. Well done sir! LINK UP!!! JSPH on Twitter

Anieszka – ‘Grow’

Anieszka is back with new music and I am so excited to share it with you. ‘Grow’ is the first release from her upcoming EP ‘Elixir’ and it is simply out of this world. The singer/songwriter delivers a very powerful message on this track which is that every single person is worthy of love, purpose and… Read more »

  • XO – Through The Night (feat. RobLaw)

    If you are looking for something to make your day go a little better, just click play on this track, you won’t be disappointed. XO, a 19-year-old producer and songwriter, never disappoints and this is the first time I’ve heard RobLaw and his voice is absolutely swoon worthy, he has now gained a fan as… Read more »


    It’s Sunday evening and if you are looking to just relax, I recommend listening to this very chill track from GSP1. ‘I Got a Saxy Feeling’ is a seductive production done by a man, I can’t seem to find much about on the Internet but his music is something else and I will take what’s… Read more »

  • 21 Terrible 90s Songs That Everyone Secretly Loves (according to Thought Catalog)

    This is another listicle run through, that I know you will enjoy and it is suitable for today given it’s usually the day for TBT (Throw Back Thursday). Like most music lovers, I have a soft spot for anything 90s, and in this list, most of the songs I love, there was one I honestly… Read more »

  • Alina Baraz & Galimatias – ‘Fantasy’

    I’m seriously screaming with excitement, as the two I’ve dubbed the “magical duo” have put out another brilliant piece of music that I just had to share. I’ve been anticipating new music from these two for quite some time as I’ve been a fan since I heard ‘Pretty Thoughts’ last year. Check out the post… Read more »

  • Louis Baker & Jordan Rakei – ‘Just Want To Thank You’

    Who is Louis Baker and why haven’t I heard him before? I’m familiar with Jordan Rakei and it’s because of him I listened to this track and I immediately fell in love. I cannot imagine why this song only has a little over 4,000 plays. I hope with this post, I can push it to… Read more »

  • St. Ans speaks the truth on ‘The Silent Majority’

    St. Ans is a Trinidad and Tobago based rapper and I’ll be honest, this is the first “Trini” rap production I have listened to in its entirety and I was not disappointed. When I first got the link to download it, I did not know what to expect because in the past many locally based… Read more »

  • 49 Songs You Need In Your Life This Month (according to Buzz Feed)

    Buzz Feed in another one of its listicles, gave us 49 songs, as the title says, that we need in our life this month. Have a look at the article here. So I listened to all of the songs, some were great, some were not and some left me confused. It’s a bit lengthy but… Read more »

  • Jordan Rakei – ‘Street Light’ (feat. Gwen Bunn)

    Australian artist, Jordan Rakei presents his first single, ‘Street Light’ off of his upcoming EP, ‘Groove Curse’. This track is extra groovy and Rakei’s voice is smooth like butter and he gets some help from Berklee College of Music Alumni Gwen Bunn (vocalist and producer of Schoolboy Q’s Collard Greens feat. Kendrick Lamar). According to… Read more »

  • JDVBBS – ‘War Paint’

    Washington D.C. rapper/producer JDVBBS (pronounced ‘jay-dubs’) presents “War Paint”, his self-produced single from his new album subURBAN. It’s a fun track and you get a taste of several different genres from funk to rap even to a little bit of EDM. I think it’s a song many people will enjoy. Explaining the song, JDVBBS said,… Read more »

  • Dunson – Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper (Official Music Video)

    One of my favourite artists has dropped a brand new video for his hit song ‘Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper’ Dunson, a Maryland native presents a track that’s raw and a beat that’s hot in a video you will enjoy and will want to replay many times. He’s underrated but I think this track is… Read more »