Brittany Clarke – ‘Dirty’

As the sun is about to set on my side of the world, Brittany Clarke’s new track ‘Dirty’ is helping me to unwind after a very long day. The Canadian artist has this amazing voice, her vocals will leave you clinging to every word as she delivers this perfect R&B vibe that I know you’re… Read more »

Eva Rose – ‘Walk By’

A few seconds in and I’m already in love with Eva Rose’s ‘Walk By’. It’s an outstanding Pop track with lyrics that you will no doubt be singing out loud after your first listen. Hear it below This is Eva’s second single release leading up to her EP.

Tanners – ‘This Crazy’

Tanners is back baby! And she’s back with a gem of a track. ‘This Crazy’ is pure Pop perfection and it’s definitely my track of the week and when you click play below, it will become yours too. LINK UP!!! Tanners on Facebook and Twitter    

Baby FuzZ – ‘Shadowland’

Yo! Baby FuzZ is giving me chills (the good kind) with his new track ‘Shadowland’. Baby FuzZ’ (Sterling Fox) vocals really soar on this gorgeous Indie Rock tune. Speaking about the song, Fox explains, “In 2017 I moved to Canada for a year. Eventually, my passport ran out and I came back to the US…. Read more »

Noah & Shagabond – ‘Arouse’

With a title like ‘Arouse’ you know you’re in for something that’s sexy af and that’s exactly what you get with this Noah & Shagabond track. It’s that smooth type of R&B that will fit perfectly on your late night playlist. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Noah on Facebook and Twitter Shagabond on Facebook and… Read more »

JOCKS – ‘Back It Up’

It’s been a minute since I shared new music from JOCKS and they are back on the blog with quite a tune. If you’ve never heard their music before they are going to charm their way into your favourite playlist because ‘Back It Up’ is a definite hit. It’s a smooth blend of Pop and… Read more »

Boy George & Culture Club – ‘Let Somebody Love You’

I am honoured to be sharing Boy George & Culture Club’s new music on the blog. It’s been 20 years since we’ve heard new material from this group but they’re back and back with a bang. They dropped ‘Let Somebody Love You’ recently and I am totally digging it and what I love most about, is… Read more »

CAEZAR – ‘Hold On’

It was a little over a week ago I shared CAEZAR’s debut track ‘Waiting’. Now we have their new single, ‘Hold On’, a track that goes straight to the heart and feet. The band explained that, “Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean it’s right. ‘Hold On’ was written out of the conflicted feelings of… Read more »

Modern Machines – ‘Losing My Mind’ Ft. Sugarwolf (Sir Matty V Remix)

Sir Matty V is back with a new remix and it is phenomenal. From the moment I clicked play I knew I was in for a good time. I need you to listen to the original track first to really grasp what Sir Matty V has done. Now the remix Vibes!!!! LINK UP!!! Sir Matty… Read more »

Maroon 5 – ‘Girls Like You’ (Zita Remix ft. Jonah Baker)

Zita is out here racking up some serious plays on her latest remix. The Hungarian violinist teams up with Jonah Baker for their remix/cover of Maroon 5’s ‘Girls Like You’. Check it out below LINK UP!!! Zita on Facebook  

  • Annabel Jones – ‘IOU’ (Golden Coast Remix)

    Annabel Jones released her hit, ‘IOU’ earlier this month and now there is an official remix, courtesy SoCal indie-pop duo Golden Coast. I love what Golden Coast has done, they have played around with Annabel’s vocals, chopping it up, adding a tropical vibe while keeping the feel of the original song. Take it in below… Read more »

  • Draper – ‘Home’ (feat Abi Ocia)

    Total eargasm on this one. UK songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist Draper teams up with Abi Coia on his latest single, ‘Home’ and let me tell you Abi’s vocals are pore-raising and it works perfectly with Draper’s nu-R&B production. This song will make you yearn for that place called home. LINK UP!!! Draper on Facebook Draper’s official website

  • KAPTAN – ‘Jump’

    Singer/songwriter, KAPTAN, is giving us some good vibes on his latest song, ‘Jump’ A few seconds is all you need to fall in love with this track. Read what KAPTAN  says about ‘Jump’ “My bass player (Brandon Day) and I wrote Jump together. We really just wanted to write a song about supporting the people that we… Read more »

  • Pairanoid – ‘Carry On’ (feat. Alexandria)

    Toronto-based duo Pairanoid’s newest track, ‘Carry On’ will leave you in a trance but not for long because when that beat drops you might just find yourself on the dance floor. The video also fits perfectly with the mood of the song and you won’t want to stop watching it. Check it out below The… Read more »

  • Eric Sharp – ‘Love Can’t Wait’ Feat. Gavin Turek

    Eric Sharp’s newest track is so chill. The LA based producer collabs with rising luminary Gavin Turek to create a hit that will stay in your head for days. Read what Eric had to say about the process of creating this beautiful song. “My method of creation is heavily inspired by the surrealist movement in visual… Read more »

  • Ember Island – ‘Need You’ (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)

    Yes Mysto and Pizzi!! This remix is definitely a solid hit The New York natives explained when they first heard Ember Island’s ‘Need You’, they fell in love and quickly reached out to the band to get their hands on the vocals and I’m so glad they did. This should be an official remix because… Read more »

  • Andrew Grant – ‘Gravity’

    Today I was exploring my SoundCloud stream when I found this tune. Andrew Grant is a relatively new artist on the scene and he’s created a genre-bending sound. The new track “Gravity” is a testament to this producer’s forward thinking compositions, it hits somewhere between experimental, pop and a variety of other electronic genres. A… Read more »

  • Alison Wonderland X AWE – ‘Back It Up’ (Melvv Remix)

    Melvv is known for dropping tasteful and unique remixes. And this new one is no exception. It’s a take on Alison Wonderland and AWE’s original collaboration, “Back It Up.” The producer’s signature high-fi sound and clean production is utilized to the max here. The Melvv-esque plucked chords we’ve grown to know and love, sweep in… Read more »

  • Elephante – ‘Black Ivory’

    Elephante’s ‘Black Ivory’ is a track that gets better every time you play it. As Elephante (Tim Wu0 explains on his Soundcloud, ‘Black Ivory’ is a track he started in a hotel room while on the road last year and forgot about it. “I was looking through my laptop when I found the demo and thought… Read more »

  • A+A – ‘Believe In Good Girls’

    R&B pop duo, A+A  delivers an ode to heartbreakers everywhere on their latest track, ‘Believe in Good Girls’. The song is the first single from the singer/producer duo’s upcoming EP, ‘LivingRooms’, due out this May. Writing and producing their music entirely by themselves, Anwar (all instruments) and Andrew (lyrics, vocals) are ready to show the world what they’re made of. ‘Believe… Read more »