BAYNK – ‘Be In Love / Years’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from BAYNK and now the New Zealand producer returns to delight once again. ‘Be In Love/Years’ is a double A-side single and it is spectacular. He definitely has another masterpiece here. Hear it below Alongside the new single, BAYNK is also announcing his first-ever U.S. headline shows, set… Read more »

Jules – ‘Before You Picked Her’

Not much information was given about Jules other than that she is a “16-year-old powerhouse with the soul of an 80 year old southern woman.” They did not lie. I’m on my fourth listen and I still can’t believe she is so young. This is one exceptional song.

Axel Mansoor – ‘Father Time’

I have been listening to this song for the last 30 minutes, getting lost in it and almost forgetting that I had a blog to write. Axel Mansoor really takes you somewhere with ‘Father Time’. It’s a song that puts you in a very reflective mood. He says he wrote it to himself on his… Read more »

AME ARDAI – ‘Blue’

Ame Ardai has a voice that deserves your attention. The Stockholm-based independent artist recently released her track ‘Blue’. It’s an R&B/pop gem that will be on repeat for quite some time. Stream it below LINK UP!!! AME ARDAI on Facebook

Alexis Troy x Serious Klein – ‘Game Hunt’

Germany-based rapper Serious Klein and producer Alexis Troy have come together to create one wicked new tune. ‘Game Hunt’ is the title track of Manchester United star Paul Pogba’s Adidas campaign for his new collection. The track is so good, even if you’re not a Manchester United fan you’re going to have this on repeat. Check… Read more »

BATTS – ‘Shame’ (Official Music Video)

It was almost a month ago I shared BATTS’ ‘Shame’ and now I have the official video for you enjoy. Creating the visual for ‘Shame’ with director Dyllan Corbett (Saatsuma, Rat & Co, Habits) BATTS commented on the video: “Thematically we were after a sliding door effect of having two separate outlooks/moods and the outcome… Read more »

GunFight – ‘Herculean Waves’

Electronic artist, GunFight brings us his new project titled ‘Herculean Waves’. From start to finish it’s incredible. The forward thinking production matched with his vocals is quite the pair. Enjoy. LINK UP!!! GunFight on Facebook and Twitter

maya law – ‘Give Me No Love’ (Prod. Gabriel Gifford)

maya law’s ‘Give Me No Love’ is a track I loved the moment I pressed play. It starts off with this jazzy vibe and then maya’s smooth and soulful vocals come in and she sings: burnt my fingers on my cigarette the day you left And after that, I was hooked. Stream it below

Mat Hours – ‘Le phone’

Mat Hours new track is an addictive delight. ‘Le phone’ is feel good music with french melodic voices. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Mat Hours on Facebook and Twitter  

Denny White – ‘Alone with You’

Get ready to get lost in the magic that is ‘Alone With You’.  It’s a fantastic pop track and I was hooked in seconds but that’s the usual with any Denny White track. Check it out LINK UP!!! Denny White on Facebook and Twitter  

  • N K N K & SAMSY – 'Need You Now'

    The first collaboration between N K N K and SAMSY, ‘Need You Now’ is undeniably brilliant. It only took me one listen to get into as the groove of this track grabs onto you and does not let you go. About the two producers: They met at the University of California San Diego where they… Read more »

  • Olivia – 'Ferris Wheel'

    Fifteen-year-old Olivia takes your hand and carries you on a stroll through the streets and beaches of South California in her video for ‘Ferris Wheel’. The track is a sugary sweet pop song that I know many will enjoy. If you’re having a bad day or even a good one, listening to this song and… Read more »

  • SEIDS – 'Ticket To Heaven'

    SEIDS is giving music lovers a song that will definitely stay in your head and for all the right reasons. ‘Ticket to Heaven’ is just another hit on SEIDS’ belt and I think it’s time she blows up, this is talent everyone needs to know. Listen below LINK UP!!! SEIDS on Facebook SEIDS on Twitter… Read more »

  • Why We Run – 'Ignites'

    Don’t let the cover art fool you this isn’t a song that will haunt your dreams but rather, soothe them. ‘Ignites’ is Australian’s band, Why We Run second single, following their hit song, ‘Comfortable Lie’. On this track, the band combines orchestral elements with vocals that whisks the listener to a place, they’ll never want… Read more »

  • Toyboy & Robin – ‘Losing My Love’ feat. Rothwell

    I’m about two weeks late on this track but it’s better late than never especially with a song that sounds this good. It’s a track that you can either lose yourself dancing to or singing along to because the production with its 90s House vibe and wicked piano is as great as Rothwell’s flawless vocals… Read more »

  • GIRL FRIEND – Arrive Alone Leave Alone

    After dazzling us with ‘Monte Carlo‘ and ‘You Lead The Way‘ GIRL FRIEND has given us another, ‘Arrive Alone, Leave Alone’. GIRL FRIEND has delivered a string of increasingly impressive tracks and they are not stopping. I’ve honestly been enamoured with this group since their first single and they have not disappointed me. ‘Arrive Alone,… Read more »

  • Golden Vessel – ‘Borrowed Time’ (ft. Tiana Khasi) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    It’s a week since the official release of ‘Borrowed Time’ by Australian producer Golden Vessel and Australian singer Tiana Khasi and we already have a video. And what a video it is, the imagery is amazing, it’s almost like moving art. The concept of the video which was filmed and directed by Jake Lofven is… Read more »

  • BOW AND ARROW – 'Midnight'

      ‘Midnight’ is an absolutely addictive and sensual song. Australia’s Bow and Arrow are responsible for this melodic masterpiece. This husband and wife duo (Mindy Kwanten and Mitchell Kwanten) make magic together. According to PR details, ‘Midnight’ came together fast in a hit of inspiration. Bow and Arrow played the track live at many gigs… Read more »

  • Gibbz – 'I Found You'

      Gibbz’ newest song ‘I Found You’ is an outstanding dance tune that is now on my list of summer bangers. Gibbz (Mike Gibnet) gives us a brilliant falsetto on this disco inspired track that features some delicate synthwork that makes the song absolutely intoxicating. On the song, Gibbz says it’s an “Ode to Summer… Read more »

  • Marie Dahlstrom – 'Look The Other Way' Feat. Sophie Faith

    I’m a sucker for music that takes me back to the 90s, especially when it’s R&B and that’s exactly where Marie Dahlstrøm’s latest single, ‘Look The Other Way’ is taking me. The Danish singer/songwriter teams up with Brighton-based singer Sophie Faith on this track produced by DK The Punisher. Their cohesive harmonies on this Alt-R&B… Read more »