Sheeba – ‘So Good’

 Can you believe this is her first single release EVER?! When an artist comes out the gate with something this good, you know they are definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on. The vibe on ‘So Good’ is incredible, and I think it can be a major Summer hit. I also can’t… Read more »

Alisky – ‘Traces’ (feat. IOLITE)

Happy Sunday music lovers! As I get ready to leave my hotel room to jump on a flight back home my energy levels are on a high and that’s because I’ve had Alisky’s new track on repeat all morning. The track is pure FIRE, it has this amazing groove and let’s talk about IOLITE’s vocals…. Read more »

PUSHER & Anjulie – ‘All We Can Do’ (Official Music VIdeo)

Toronto-based DJ and producer, PUSHER, has joined forces with highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer Anjulie on a poignant new single tackling gun violence titled “All We Can Do” The release is the second single off PUSHER’s forthcoming EP, PAPERMAN, scheduled to be released October 19th, 2018. For “All We Can Do” PUSHER, real name… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’

Callum Pitt is back with a new track and it is superb! ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ is the Callum’s fifth single. According to the press release, the track “showcases Callum at his Americana-influenced best, beginning with the kind of folky fingerpicked riff that has become his trademark, and building into a crescendo of foot-stomping… Read more »

Gitty – ‘Karaoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to your favourite playlist. Gitty’s ‘Karoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold. The track has this jazzy R&B pop vibe and you also get a little old-school soul up in there. All three artists clearly work so well together because what they have here is a definite hit. Check… Read more »

James Walker – ‘Next to Me’ (feat. Josephine Zwaan)

James Walker’s ‘Next to Me’ is an addictive delight. It has a kind of soulful pop vibe that is stunning. This track was originally released as an electric guitar/full-band track on James’ debut album, ‘English Bones’ but what you’re about to hear is a rearranged version featuring his good friend and De Beste Singer Songwriter finalist… Read more »

Amber J – ‘Good Feeling’

Amber J’s ‘Good Feeling’ is an outstanding track. She delivers such beautiful lyrics so perfectly, I can’t stop listening to it. Check it out below and listen out for something really amazing near the end 😉 ‘Good Feeling’ is the title track of Amber J’s debut EP. LINK UP!!! Amber J on Facebook

JSPH – ‘Reasons’

I think I’ve found my new favourite song, JSPH’s ‘Reasons’. I love the vibe JSPH brings on this track. It’s that kind of soul that touches your heart and really stays with you. Well done sir! LINK UP!!! JSPH on Twitter

Anieszka – ‘Grow’

Anieszka is back with new music and I am so excited to share it with you. ‘Grow’ is the first release from her upcoming EP ‘Elixir’ and it is simply out of this world. The singer/songwriter delivers a very powerful message on this track which is that every single person is worthy of love, purpose and… Read more »

Nathaniel – ‘Tear It Up’

It’s Summer and everybody is in a good mood, at least I am and right now that’s because I’ve been jamming to Nathaniel’s R&B hit ‘Tear It Up’. Nathaniel definitely brings the heat, this track is very repeat worthy and will fit perfectly on your favourite Summer playlist. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Nathaniel on… Read more »

  • Chelsea Lankes – ‘Bullet’

    “I dodged a bullet with you” Let me tell you, Chelsea Lankes’ ‘Bullet’ should be my theme song and I’m sure it can be for many others. The Texan-born Los Angeles-based rising sweet pop singer recently announced her debut self-titled EP (out April 8th via B3SCI Records) with the release of this absolutely addictive song. “The… Read more »

  • GIRL FRIEND – ‘Waste My Time’

    It’s almost a year since I listened to GIRL FRIEND’s first song, ‘Monte Carlo‘ and since then, they just keep getting better and better.   ‘Waste My Time’ is a collaboration with dance producer ‘Lvther’ who has had millions of streams for his releases on the Canadian Monstercat label. It is the first track from a… Read more »

  • MIAMIGO – ‘PotLuck’

    Brighton duo Miamigo is bringing that funky disco vibe with their new tune, ‘PotLuck’. It is such a groovy song, I can’t stop playing it. Enjoy it below

  • Kenzie May – ‘Never Find Another’

    Yes Kenzie May! The former Metronomy backing singer Kenzie May has unveiled ‘Never Find Another’ and there is no doubt  that she has a solid hit on her hands. In an interview with Crack Magazine, she explains the song saying it’s a little tongue-in-cheek. “The concept that you’re unique like a snowflake and no one… Read more »

  • Solidisco – ‘Golden’ (ft AM!R)

    Doesn’t this make you feel all good inside? Buffalo, NY natives and self proclaimed taco aficionados Solidisco start the year off super bright with their first release ‘Golden’, featuring newcomer AM!R. You will be dancing from the moment you hit play, don’t hold back, just let the music move you. Head over to iTunes and… Read more »

  • Pretty Sister – ‘Drive’

    Pretty Sister’s ‘Drive’ has that groove that is so addictive. It’s lead singer, Zak Waters has an amazing voice, goodness, I just want to hear it all the time. According to his Soundcloud, ‘Drive’ “embodies everything there is to love about Los Angeles and those sunny days driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway… Read more »

  • Gonzalla – ‘Come On Hun’

    Gonzalla’s ‘Come on Hun’ will be the first of many tracks to be delivered by this unsigned artist as he intends to drop a new song every month for 2016. Spending his youth immersed in musical greats – particularly The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell and Bon Iver– the calibre of such influences has notably… Read more »

  • tim legend and blue lotus – blossom w/ abbi press

    Tim Legend, Blue Lotus, and Abbi Press are new artists on our radar and they 100% have chemistry. This wavy tune is perfect to stare at the sky and zone out to. Enjoy! If you like it as much as we do, click here for the free download

  • 2MBEATS – ‘Bass’ (Original Mix)

    I have your Friday track right here 2MBEATS a duo of young DJ/Producers from Managua, Nicargua. Nineteen-year-old Milton Reyes and 15-year-old Marvin Cardoza have been producing together for three years. They are young but so very talented. LINK UP!!! 2MBEATS on Facebook 2MBEATS on Twitter  

  • MIIA – ‘Dynasty’ (Official Music Video)

    The last time I listened to MIIA’s (pronounced MEE-uh) ‘Dynasty’ was back in September of last year and I listened to it again today and it still has the same effect on me, I continue to be blown away by her talent. Why is this girl’s music not on heavy rotation on the radio? While… Read more »