Sheeba – ‘So Good’

 Can you believe this is her first single release EVER?! When an artist comes out the gate with something this good, you know they are definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on. The vibe on ‘So Good’ is incredible, and I think it can be a major Summer hit. I also can’t… Read more »

Alisky – ‘Traces’ (feat. IOLITE)

Happy Sunday music lovers! As I get ready to leave my hotel room to jump on a flight back home my energy levels are on a high and that’s because I’ve had Alisky’s new track on repeat all morning. The track is pure FIRE, it has this amazing groove and let’s talk about IOLITE’s vocals…. Read more »

PUSHER & Anjulie – ‘All We Can Do’ (Official Music VIdeo)

Toronto-based DJ and producer, PUSHER, has joined forces with highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer Anjulie on a poignant new single tackling gun violence titled “All We Can Do” The release is the second single off PUSHER’s forthcoming EP, PAPERMAN, scheduled to be released October 19th, 2018. For “All We Can Do” PUSHER, real name… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’

Callum Pitt is back with a new track and it is superb! ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ is the Callum’s fifth single. According to the press release, the track “showcases Callum at his Americana-influenced best, beginning with the kind of folky fingerpicked riff that has become his trademark, and building into a crescendo of foot-stomping… Read more »

Gitty – ‘Karaoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to your favourite playlist. Gitty’s ‘Karoke’ ft Trinidad James and Rose Gold. The track has this jazzy R&B pop vibe and you also get a little old-school soul up in there. All three artists clearly work so well together because what they have here is a definite hit. Check… Read more »

James Walker – ‘Next to Me’ (feat. Josephine Zwaan)

James Walker’s ‘Next to Me’ is an addictive delight. It has a kind of soulful pop vibe that is stunning. This track was originally released as an electric guitar/full-band track on James’ debut album, ‘English Bones’ but what you’re about to hear is a rearranged version featuring his good friend and De Beste Singer Songwriter finalist… Read more »

Amber J – ‘Good Feeling’

Amber J’s ‘Good Feeling’ is an outstanding track. She delivers such beautiful lyrics so perfectly, I can’t stop listening to it. Check it out below and listen out for something really amazing near the end 😉 ‘Good Feeling’ is the title track of Amber J’s debut EP. LINK UP!!! Amber J on Facebook

JSPH – ‘Reasons’

I think I’ve found my new favourite song, JSPH’s ‘Reasons’. I love the vibe JSPH brings on this track. It’s that kind of soul that touches your heart and really stays with you. Well done sir! LINK UP!!! JSPH on Twitter

Anieszka – ‘Grow’

Anieszka is back with new music and I am so excited to share it with you. ‘Grow’ is the first release from her upcoming EP ‘Elixir’ and it is simply out of this world. The singer/songwriter delivers a very powerful message on this track which is that every single person is worthy of love, purpose and… Read more »

Nathaniel – ‘Tear It Up’

It’s Summer and everybody is in a good mood, at least I am and right now that’s because I’ve been jamming to Nathaniel’s R&B hit ‘Tear It Up’. Nathaniel definitely brings the heat, this track is very repeat worthy and will fit perfectly on your favourite Summer playlist. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Nathaniel on… Read more »

  • Pairanoid – ‘Carry On’ (feat. Alexandria)

    Toronto-based duo Pairanoid’s newest track, ‘Carry On’ will leave you in a trance but not for long because when that beat drops you might just find yourself on the dance floor. The video also fits perfectly with the mood of the song and you won’t want to stop watching it. Check it out below The… Read more »

  • Eric Sharp – ‘Love Can’t Wait’ Feat. Gavin Turek

    Eric Sharp’s newest track is so chill. The LA based producer collabs with rising luminary Gavin Turek to create a hit that will stay in your head for days. Read what Eric had to say about the process of creating this beautiful song. “My method of creation is heavily inspired by the surrealist movement in visual… Read more »

  • Ember Island – ‘Need You’ (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)

    Yes Mysto and Pizzi!! This remix is definitely a solid hit The New York natives explained when they first heard Ember Island’s ‘Need You’, they fell in love and quickly reached out to the band to get their hands on the vocals and I’m so glad they did. This should be an official remix because… Read more »

  • Andrew Grant – ‘Gravity’

    Today I was exploring my SoundCloud stream when I found this tune. Andrew Grant is a relatively new artist on the scene and he’s created a genre-bending sound. The new track “Gravity” is a testament to this producer’s forward thinking compositions, it hits somewhere between experimental, pop and a variety of other electronic genres. A… Read more »

  • Alison Wonderland X AWE – ‘Back It Up’ (Melvv Remix)

    Melvv is known for dropping tasteful and unique remixes. And this new one is no exception. It’s a take on Alison Wonderland and AWE’s original collaboration, “Back It Up.” The producer’s signature high-fi sound and clean production is utilized to the max here. The Melvv-esque plucked chords we’ve grown to know and love, sweep in… Read more »

  • Elephante – ‘Black Ivory’

    Elephante’s ‘Black Ivory’ is a track that gets better every time you play it. As Elephante (Tim Wu0 explains on his Soundcloud, ‘Black Ivory’ is a track he started in a hotel room while on the road last year and forgot about it. “I was looking through my laptop when I found the demo and thought… Read more »

  • A+A – ‘Believe In Good Girls’

    R&B pop duo, A+A  delivers an ode to heartbreakers everywhere on their latest track, ‘Believe in Good Girls’. The song is the first single from the singer/producer duo’s upcoming EP, ‘LivingRooms’, due out this May. Writing and producing their music entirely by themselves, Anwar (all instruments) and Andrew (lyrics, vocals) are ready to show the world what they’re made of. ‘Believe… Read more »

  • Monogem – ‘Gone’

    The video for Monogem’s synthpop track ‘Gone’ is finally here. The video which is directed by Dillon O’Neil and Chris Lowery creates a story between two girlfriends that playfully dances on the line between friendship and attraction. I love it! Watch it below   LINK UP!!! MONOGEM on Facebook MONOGEM on Twitter

  • Tritonal & Cash Cash – ‘Untouchable’ (Proppa Remix)

    Listen to this Then listen to this remix Great right?! Gosh I can’t stop playing it. When I clicked play the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a totally different sound. Proppa is giving us a nice tropical vibe on this remix and it is superb. LINK UP!!! Proppa on Facebook Proppa on… Read more »

  • St. Albion – ‘Hold On’ feat. Teischa

    St. Albion’s, ‘Hold On’ featuring Teischa is such a beautiful song. ‘Hold On’ is the first track from a new collective project called St. Albion headed by Australian producer/songwriter Thomas Honeywill.  Inspired by extensive journeys to major cities around the world, St. Albion is a direct expression of Thomas’ interaction with varying global culture, music,… Read more »