Jordan Comolli – ‘All This Time’

My ears are saying yes to Jordan Comolli’s ‘All This Time’. The track is phenomenal! This is Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace imprint first release of 2018. What a way to start the year. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.   LINK UP!!! Jordan Comolli on Facebook and Twitter

Gabriela Francesca – ‘Kris Jenner’

Music lovers, it’s time you WAKE UP!! Stop sleeping on Gabriela Francesca. The indie-pop artist has just dropped a new tune, ‘Kris Jenner’. It’s clever, catchy, and absolutely incredible. On the track, Gabriela laments the broke life and calls up on Kris Jenner, “Patron Saint of Calabasas”, for some monetary blessings. This can be the anthem… Read more »

Kaptan – ‘Hardest Part’

Kaptan recently shared the third single from his latest EP ‘Over You’. The track ‘Hardest Part’ is highly personal as he wrote about what it was like to lose his mother a few years ago. It’s a beautiful song that will definitely hit home for many who have experienced this sort of loss, this sort… Read more »

Tobtok – ‘On My Way’ (Viga Remix)

Start your week on a high note with Viga’s remix of Tobtok’s ‘On My Way’ in your ear. Viga never disappoints and this remix is worth a place on your playlist. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Viga on Facebook and Twitter    

KYLO – ‘Your Eyes’

Get ready to get lost in the magic that is ‘Your Eyes’. KYLO has returned with a MSA produced track that is buttery smooth. Check out the video below LINK UP!!! KYLO on Facebook and  Twitter    

ARY – ‘Anymore’ (Official Video)

I give ARY’s ‘Anymore’ two thumbs up. ARY is a Portuguese Alt. Electro-Rock band from Lisbon formed by members Erika Martyns, Dénis Rhomays, Ziig Mendes and David Rodrigues. Erika gives a stellar vocal performance on this track. She has an amazing voice and the musicians bring that rock vibe that I can’t get enough of. Check… Read more »

Wulf – ‘All Things Under The Sun’

Well damn Wulf! This song is absolutely phenomenal. I knew he was talented but this right here is pure perfection. LINK UP!!! Wulf on Facebook and Twitter

Cautious Clay – ‘Juliet + Caesar’

Cautious Clay has blessed my ears with new music and I couldn’t be happier. Cautious is an artist who blew me away with just two tracks in the latter part of last year, one of which I placed at number 9 in my top 60 tracks of 2017. His talent is incredible and I’m sure… Read more »

Reigen – ‘DREAMS’ (cover of The Cranberries)

When I saw “cover of The Cranberries” in my inbox, I was cautious to open it. I absolutely love The Cranberries and in every cover I’ve listened to, I wasn’t impressed until now. Reigen comes through with a stunning falsetto and it’s just perfect. It’s a cover I’m sure Dolores would fall in love with…. Read more »

Whethan – ‘Savage’ (Coyster Remix)

Coyster has delivered such an incredible remix of Whethan’s ‘Savage’ that it has become my newest obsession. Enjoy it below  

  • Shoffy – ‘Fast Life’

    LA artist Shoffy has made my day with his song, ‘Fast Life’. It encompasses his smooth, very sensual vocals with a nice House vibe, making it one sexy ass track. I think his vocal style will work well with some of my favourite producers, let’s hope they take note and maybe we could hear some… Read more »

  • Melissa Steel – ‘Burning Down’ (feat. WizKid)

    UK based artist, Melissa Steel is bringing that reggae vibe with her latest track, ‘Burning Down’ feat WizKid. Her voice is what captured my attention and put that together with the excellent production and WizKid’s wicked lyrics, you get a song that you can dance and sing along to. Definitely look out for this one…. Read more »

  • Auditorium – ‘My Grandfather Could Make The World Dance’

    This song is absolutely stunning. Auditorium (Spencer Berger) has left me without words. Everytime I listen to it, I hear something new and amazing This is a song I would love to have on vinyl. Make it happen Spencer! Listen to this amazing track below. LINK UP!! Auditorium on Facebook Auditorium on Soundcloud

  • TJH87 – Going On Feeling

    So. Much. Funk! This is what Finnish electronic music duo, TJH87 are giving us on their latest track, ‘Going On Feeling’ and what’s great is that it’s available for free! There isn’t much I could say about this track, I’ll just let the music speak for itself. LINK UP!!! TJH87 on Facebook TJH87 on Twitter

  • Shoby ft. Lilly Ahlberg – ‘Outside’

    Sometimes inspiration produces amazing things. The original song, ‘Outside’ is by Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding, Swedish artist, Lilly Ahlberg was inspired to make a cover track and German producer Shoby having heard her voice, was inspired to do a remix and what a remix it is. With chill beats and beautiful vocals, this is… Read more »

  • JDVBBS : "Married to Hip-Hop but sleeping around with other genres"

      JDVBBS (pronounced ‘jay-dubs) is one of my favourite artists from 2014. The man is super talented and I just think it’s important to share the music that artists like him put out. He’s definitely an artist to watch in 2015 so I’m glad that I got the opportunity to interview him. Check out what… Read more »

  • EXROYALE – ‘Lovesick Youth’

    EXROYALE’s ‘Lovesick Youth’ is a melodic electropop track that I can’t get enough of. EXROYALE is Portland artist/producer Josh Schroeder who has had a very busy year. He produced singles for JMR and Áine Aura, releasing five remixes, and three singles of his own. His work always demonstrates exploration and evolution, all the while remaining… Read more »

  • Jayd Ink – ‘401 W’

    Music like this always makes me ask why isn’t this playing on the radio? Only 2,000 plays on Soundcloud? Crazy! I hope with this post, more people jump on it because this song needs to be on heavy rotation everywhere. I don’t know much about this young woman but she’s really good and looks as… Read more »

  • EZA – ‘Headlights’

    Nashville artist EZA has released her latest single, “Headlights,” available exclusively on this year’s Nashville Indie Spotlight album. Now followers of my blog would know, I love a lot of genres except country, no matter how hard I’ve tried to like it, I just don’t and for me when I hear Nashville, I’m worried because… Read more »

  • Gabriel Conti – ‘Tomorrow’

    This is one beautiful piece of music. This song was put together by 27-year-old Gabriel Conti out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The samples for ‘Tomorrow’, were taken from the Donald Byrd’s ‘Stepping Into Tomorrow’. Gabriel said he made the tune at a friend’s house “after having a great afternoon with friends, some musicians, some poets,… Read more »