Cassie Marin – ‘Candy’

Cassie Marin’s smooth as silk voice is one that deserves your attention. I don’t know much about the artist other than she is super talented and I can’t wait to hear more from her. Stream ‘Candy’ below LINK UP!!! Cassie Marin on Facebook and Twitter

Mentum – ‘Haunted’ (Acoustic)

Mentum’s ‘Haunted’ is a divine piece of pop music. Mentum is a rising artist group/musician trio from Norway who creates a perfect mix of electro-pop and chill wave. This acoustic piece is the first of three tracks which will be released as an EP in the Spring. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Mentum on Facebook and Twitter    

Marshall Magic – ‘Diamond Fool’ (feat. Ian Munsick)

Meet Marshall Magic and get ready to listen to their debut tune ‘Diamond Fool’ feat Ian Munsick. The duo out of Nashville say they are heavily influenced by “french touch” and modern pop sensibilities. Trust me when I say that what you are about to hear is pure perfection. I am digging their sound man, it’s… Read more »

Pop Funk – ‘Everything But Ordinary’ (Feat. Blake Rose)

Atlanta-based dance producer Pop Funk’s ‘Everything But Ordinary’ is the definition of a hit song. On the track you hear the amazing vocals of 19-year old Australian singer / songwriter Blake Rose over elements of future bass, pop, dance, and trap with bright, bursting synth melodies and hard hitting kicks and snares. Hear it below LINK… Read more »

Sandy Scribbles – ‘Kaytranada’

Sandy Scribbles’ ‘Kaytranada’ is out of this world. On the track Sandy, a South Florida songwriter, reminisces on listening to Kaytranda’s music and smoking with a lover she wants back but then doesn’t at the end of the song. It’s this smooth R&B tune sprinkled with Sandy’s originality. Check out the video below The music video… Read more »

JBdaPilot – ‘Private’ (prod by BeatJoven)

JBdaPilot is back with Private’ a new record that shows his development lyrically and musically. His unique voice really brings something else to the table and we’re looking forward to what he has in store for us in the future. Turn this one up! LINK UP!!! JBdaPilot on Facebook and Twitter

Jordan Comolli – ‘All This Time’

My ears are saying yes to Jordan Comolli’s ‘All This Time’. The track is phenomenal! This is Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace imprint first release of 2018. What a way to start the year. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.   LINK UP!!! Jordan Comolli on Facebook and Twitter

Gabriela Francesca – ‘Kris Jenner’

Music lovers, it’s time you WAKE UP!! Stop sleeping on Gabriela Francesca. The indie-pop artist has just dropped a new tune, ‘Kris Jenner’. It’s clever, catchy, and absolutely incredible. On the track, Gabriela laments the broke life and calls up on Kris Jenner, “Patron Saint of Calabasas”, for some monetary blessings. This can be the anthem… Read more »

Kaptan – ‘Hardest Part’

Kaptan recently shared the third single from his latest EP ‘Over You’. The track ‘Hardest Part’ is highly personal as he wrote about what it was like to lose his mother a few years ago. It’s a beautiful song that will definitely hit home for many who have experienced this sort of loss, this sort… Read more »

Tobtok – ‘On My Way’ (Viga Remix)

Start your week on a high note with Viga’s remix of Tobtok’s ‘On My Way’ in your ear. Viga never disappoints and this remix is worth a place on your playlist. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Viga on Facebook and Twitter    

  • Cosmo Sheldrake – ‘Rich’ (Edit) (Ft. Anndreyah Vargas)

    Cosmo Sheldrake has released another tune off of his upcoming EP, “Pelicans We” entitled, ‘Rich’ and he gets a little help from Anndreyah Vargas. The EP is the product of many travels and influences, from trips down the Panama Canal to isolated islands populated entirely by scientists, to rainforests in remote coastal British Columbia. This… Read more »

  • The Kemist & Nyanda – ‘One More Time’ (Mas Tropical Remix)

    If you’re an avid follower of my blog, you’ll know that I love everything Mas Tropical does and on this track, he works with one of my favourite Jamaican artists, Nyanda of Brick and Lace as well as The Kemist. These two mesh very well with Mas Tropical’s style. ‘One More Time’ was taken off… Read more »

  • GIRL FRIEND – ‘Monte Carlo’

    2015 is turning out to be a great year for music. I think it will be better if you just listen to this song before you read what I have to say. Fantastic! I don’t know what his voice is doing to me, but I know if I was in Monte Carlo I would have… Read more »

  • Polaris Rose – ‘Set Me On Fire’

    Polaris Rose’s latest track is perfect in so many ways. From each instrument that is used, to their cohesive harmonies to their delicate vocals. It’s a song that should definitely have more than 500 plays on Soundcloud. This duo, which is comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse work very well together and make beautiful… Read more »

  • OHLAYINDIGO – ‘Heartbeat’ (Mas Tropical remix)

    It’s hit after hit with Mas Tropical as everything he touches is GOLD. On his latest remix, Mas Tropical blends his unique Afro-Caribbean tropical vibes with future house sounds with his official remix of  OHLAYINDIGO’s excellent single “Heartbeat”. It’s an absolute stunner. Listen below and if you like it as much as I do, you can… Read more »

  • Natalie McCool – ‘Pins’

    UK artist, Natalie McCool’s latest song, ‘Pins’ from her forthcoming EP is one that has me really excited for what else she’ll release this year. ‘Pins’ is a song that is not bogged down by too many different elements, it’s just her airy vocals over a guitar and a touch of synths and on it… Read more »

  • Roisto – ‘I’m Who You Need’

    I can’t stop dancing and I really don’t want to. When you listen to Finnish producer Roisto’s, ‘I’m Who You Need’ you’ll totally understand. ‘I’m Who You Need’ is off of Roisto’s 6 track EP on Youth Control, which dropped today. From what I’ve listened to so far, this EP is going to be HUGE!… Read more »

  • NVOY – ‘Going On’

    Yes, it’s Monday but that doesn’t mean you can’t get good music to listen and dance to. Production/DJ duo NVOY has this banger of a track with a vocal sample of Brandy’s ‘I Wanna Be Down’. I love what they’ve done on this and I anticipate more great music from them in the near future…. Read more »

  • JDVBBS – ‘Miss Cinderella’ (Acoustic)

    With the help of some friends JDVBBS (pronounced ‘jay-dubs) strips down ‘Miss Cinderella’ , a track off his album subURBAN, to an acoustic version and boy is it good. I can’t emphasise enough how talented this guy is and I’m going to continue sharing his work to ensure that I can spread it enough so more… Read more »

  • SchulKid feat. Valair – ‘Wildest Promise’ (Official Music Video)

    An official video is out for one of my favourite songs from last year. Read my last post about the song here and after take a look at the very interesting video below. LINK UP!!! SchulKid on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram Valair on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram