The Swoons – ‘Lost’

The last time I featured music from The Swoons was back in 2016 so I was thrilled to see their music return to my inbox. ‘Lost’ dropped last month but I’m only getting an opportunity to share it now. The track, is a future pop vibe that is pushing all the right buttons. My favourite… Read more »

Tritonal – ‘Out My Mind’ feat Riley Clemmons

Tritonal release their next single ‘Out My Mind’ featuring vocals from Capitol Records artist Riley Clemmons, on the legendary Astralwerks imprint. ‘Out My Mind’ showcases the Austin-based duo’s love for dance floor-tinged pop music. The song is built around an infusion of acoustic guitars, synths, warm tones, Riley Clemmons’ bright energetic voice and feel-good vibes,… Read more »

Dresage – ‘Linger’

I still can’t believe Dolores O’Riordan is gone. It seems so unreal. Her sudden passing really hit me hard. Her music was a major part of my life growing up. For Dresage, Dolores was one of her greatest vocal inspirations. This cover that you’re about to hear was done back in 2015. It was just… Read more »

Hænrik – ‘If This Aint Love’

When was the last time you listened to a rock ballad? Nobody really does it anymore  and I don’t know why. Thankfully there’s Hænrik who has honestly blown me away with his track ‘If This Ain’t Love’. So much emotion as he captures the self-deception of a love that is almost there, but more wanted than found… Read more »

Frank & Friedrich – ‘Higher’ (feat. Bastien)

Frank & Friedrich definitely have a hit on their hands with this track. ‘Higher’, their second single, features Bastien and it’s soo good! Check it out below LINK UP!!! Frank & Friedrich on Facebook

Oliver Nelson, Tobtok – ’99 Red Balloons’ (Audio) ft. River

’99 Re Balloons’ is a classic and to celebrate it’s 35th anniversary, emerging Nordic talents Oliver Nelson and Tobtok have reimagined Nena’s hit track and the boys have done an amazing job. “We decided to maintain the 80’s vibe yet make it contemporary and used the iconic bassline as the lead-melody and it turned out a… Read more »

Emilia Ali – ‘Thick Thighs’

I am so digging this sultry vibe that Emilia Ali is giving on ‘Thick Thighs’. You kept me in bed, well-fed, needed reset You made me forget that thick thighs are meant to climb What are you waiting on??! Hurry up and add this to your favourite playlist. I have 😉 LINK UP!!! Emilia Ali… Read more »

Vanessa Elisha – ‘Under My Skin’ (Prod By. LOXE)

Vanessa Elisha is back with another stellar tune. ‘Under My Skin’ produced by LOXE (best known for his work with UK artist NAO) is this seductive R&B track with an irresistible vibe. I’ve already hit repeat a few times already but this is the norm with any track from Vanessa. Check it out below <3… Read more »

weslee – ‘Tongue Tied’

If you do a search for weslee on this blog you would find that I’m a HUGE fan but I must say this latest track is their best one yet. ‘Tongue Tied’ is so stunning…it’s giving me butterflies. What’s also amazing is that the duo who has always been so mysterious, recently shared the very… Read more »

Gundelach – ‘Duck Hunting’

Gundelach’s ‘Duck Hunting’ is simply stunning. There’s something so comforting about this track. It could be its soothing melody, the synths or that 80s vibe. Gundelach says the song is about being in a relationship, about being depressed and having someone helping you through it. “I was listening to “I’m on fire” by Bruce Springsteen on repeat… Read more »

  • Alison Wonderland X AWE – ‘Back It Up’ (Melvv Remix)

    Melvv is known for dropping tasteful and unique remixes. And this new one is no exception. It’s a take on Alison Wonderland and AWE’s original collaboration, “Back It Up.” The producer’s signature high-fi sound and clean production is utilized to the max here. The Melvv-esque plucked chords we’ve grown to know and love, sweep in… Read more »

  • Elephante – ‘Black Ivory’

    Elephante’s ‘Black Ivory’ is a track that gets better every time you play it. As Elephante (Tim Wu0 explains on his Soundcloud, ‘Black Ivory’ is a track he started in a hotel room while on the road last year and forgot about it. “I was looking through my laptop when I found the demo and thought… Read more »

  • A+A – ‘Believe In Good Girls’

    R&B pop duo, A+A  delivers an ode to heartbreakers everywhere on their latest track, ‘Believe in Good Girls’. The song is the first single from the singer/producer duo’s upcoming EP, ‘LivingRooms’, due out this May. Writing and producing their music entirely by themselves, Anwar (all instruments) and Andrew (lyrics, vocals) are ready to show the world what they’re made of. ‘Believe… Read more »

  • Monogem – ‘Gone’

    The video for Monogem’s synthpop track ‘Gone’ is finally here. The video which is directed by Dillon O’Neil and Chris Lowery creates a story between two girlfriends that playfully dances on the line between friendship and attraction. I love it! Watch it below   LINK UP!!! MONOGEM on Facebook MONOGEM on Twitter

  • Tritonal & Cash Cash – ‘Untouchable’ (Proppa Remix)

    Listen to this Then listen to this remix Great right?! Gosh I can’t stop playing it. When I clicked play the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a totally different sound. Proppa is giving us a nice tropical vibe on this remix and it is superb. LINK UP!!! Proppa on Facebook Proppa on… Read more »

  • St. Albion – ‘Hold On’ feat. Teischa

    St. Albion’s, ‘Hold On’ featuring Teischa is such a beautiful song. ‘Hold On’ is the first track from a new collective project called St. Albion headed by Australian producer/songwriter Thomas Honeywill.  Inspired by extensive journeys to major cities around the world, St. Albion is a direct expression of Thomas’ interaction with varying global culture, music,… Read more »

  • Mac Miller – ‘Jump’ (Jayceeoh & ClockworkDJ Remix)

    A perfect example of the remix breathing new life into the original track. A fun fact about Jayceeoh, he and Mac Miller attended the same High School in Pittsburgh, Taylor Allderdice High School, where they were also joined by fellow rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Jayceeoh and Mac have known each other now for the better part of… Read more »

  • Sweeney – ‘Bottle Talk’

    “What you say when that bottle start talking?” Sweeney’s music is so refreshing!! The Colorado rapper’s flow will make you think, make you bob your head, will make you press play again and again. Listen below LINK UP!!! Sweeney on Facebook Sweeney on Twitter

  • LZRS TXN – ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’

    My boys are back with a new song and it is so good. Lazarus Taxon’s (LZRS TXN) starts and ends ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ with a classic verse from Biggie’s ‘One More Chance’ and then Francis Sobtoka gives us a flow that is superb and it works so well with the production which is… Read more »

  • Maja – ‘The Dreamer’

    Brisbane singer/songwriter Maja has released her second single, ‘The Dreamer’ which is off her upcoming self titled EP. After listening to her first single, ‘Treat Me Right‘, last year, I immediately became a fan. Her music just makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. ‘The Dreamer’ is about a time where you’re on the… Read more »