Mahalia – ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’

British rising star Mahalia is out here racking up more than half a million views on her latest video for ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ and that’s not surprising at all. It’s a great song that you will definitely add to your Summer playlist. What I love about it, is its chill vibe. As… Read more »

Yoke Lore – ‘Cut and Run’

Yoke Lore returns to MIML with a brand new song and video. ‘Cut and Run’ is the second single from the Brooklyn-based indie folk pop artist forthcoming third EP, ‘Absolutes’. Speaking about the track and video, the artist said, “Like a centrifuge or mixing sugar into coffee, you stir to rise to the top. In… Read more »

Mike Rogers & JONES & Tiggs Da Author & MYBADD – ‘Loose Ideas’

Ooooo now this is a damn good time! This is a song I can jam to all day. Speaking about the track, Mike Rogers said “We instantly knew the sample was a fresh touch when we build the instrumental. We just had to put the puzzle together with the right features. So you can imagine how… Read more »

Clear Six – ‘Nobody But You’ ft. Hayley May

Looking for a Summer anthem? Clear Six has the track for you. ‘Nobody But You’ is an infectious disco influenced jam that features Hayley May singing so perfectly. Speaking about the tune, Clear Six said, “I wanted to write a song that has that magic of an old school dance record and bring that feeling… Read more »

CHIMES – ‘Find Suki’

CHIMES’ new track is a song you need in your life. With its dancefloor ready beats, ‘Find Suki’ is a definite feel good track. Check it out. Released on BonFire records, the track will be hosted on the label’s open remix program called WildFire. With creative freedom and helping up and comers in mind, the stems… Read more »

Caden Jester – ‘Vacant Love’ (feat. Blake Rose)

This was the first submission I saw in my inbox today. I opened the email, clicked on that SoundCloud link never expecting I would be falling in love with a track so fast. It’s a definite case of love at first listen. Caden gives us a furious-paced drop laden with rumbling bass, feverish progressions and skittering… Read more »

Dimi L. – ‘Nature’ (ft. White Trumpet)

Dimi L.’s latest track is one that will allow you to completely unwind and forget all the stresses of your day. The Greek producer takes us on a lovely musical journey with the help of White Trumpet. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Dimi L. on Facebook and Twitter

Dana Williams – ‘Sunny Day’

I have fallen in love with Dana Williams’ new track ‘Sunny Day’. It’s a beauty of a track and the simplicity of it is spectacular. Dana has this jazzy soul vibe going on and I am digging it. Hear it below Co-written by Dana and Jonah Christian, ‘Sunny Day’ is about the sometime gloomy reality… Read more »

Femke – ‘Wounded’

Femke’s ‘Wounded’ has totally captivated my heart. It’s a stunning piece of music and the lyrics really hits you. Femke is a producer during the day but an artist at night, and on one of those nights ‘Wounded’ was born. “It came from kind of a dark but hopeful place, the lyric is the hopeful… Read more »

Colin Magalong – ‘After Hours’

Colin Magalong is definitely putting his mark on the Pop landscape. His latest release ‘After Hours’ is a beautiful track and on it Colin is giving us some falsetto that will leave you with butterflies in your stomach. Hear it below and get ready to fall in love. LINK UP!!! Colin Magalong on Facebook and Twitter

  • Loud Luxury x Shoffy – ‘Villains’

    This is my first time coming across Loud Luxury and I am loving their music. ‘Villains’ is a groovy house tune loaded with great sounds and beautiful vocals. The summer is starting to heat up and this tune is certainly going to get you moving. “This is our first original in a while and we… Read more »

  • Will Joseph Cook – ‘Take Me Dancing’

    Will Joseph Cook knows how to put out a good video. It’s always so entertaining. Today, Will unveils the video to his hit ‘Take Me Dancing’ and he is doing a lot of dancing in this one and it’s so infectious you may want to start moving too. Check it out below LINK UP!!! Will… Read more »

  • Galantis – ‘No Money’ (Chet Porter Remix)

    Lay back and relax to this beautiful remix of Galantis hit tune ‘No Money’ by the dude Chet Porter. He is really making moves this year and is one hell of a performer. I am a huge fan of his laid back style and use of vocal chops. I highly recommend adding this one to… Read more »

  • Luxley – ‘Mirrors’

    Hailing from New Orleans and lead by Ryan Gray, Luxley arrives with the fresh single, ‘Mirrors’ With a sound that is self-described as wildfire dance rock, Luxley combines anthemic dance elements with pop-aesthetics, all tied together with a southern soul. Taking cues from acts like Tanlines, Brothertiger and Beat Connection, Luxley has been featured twice on Spotify’s New Music & Weekend Buzz playlists… Read more »

  • Annabel Jones – ‘Happy’ (Tim Gunter Remix)

    Annabel is without a doubt one of my favourite artists for 2016 and I love love her last release, ‘Happy‘ and now we have Tim Gunter doing his thing on the remix and it is perfect. He slows down the original giving it a very chill vibe. Take it in below LINK UP!!! Annabel Jones… Read more »

  • Hero The Band – ‘Live For Us’

    On March 13, Hero The Band and friends took a bus to SXSW in Texas from Georgia and it took them two days to get there. They filmed the time spent and it looked like a lot of fun and you must watch till the end. You’re gonna wish you were on the bus with… Read more »

  • Van William – ‘Fourth Of July’

    Van William’s ‘Fourth Of July’ is so catchy, you will catch yourself humming the tune for the rest of the day. Channeling beloved indie rock icons The Violent Femmes, Built to Spill, and early Modest Mouse, the track is unabashedly raw, propelled by its compelling hooks, vivacious guitars and insatiable spirit. Reflecting on the song, Van… Read more »

  • Joe Impala – ‘Pull Up On Me’ (feat. Joel Lobban)

    Toronto-based artist/producer, Joe Impala, has collaborated with 20-year old singer/songwriter Joël Lobban on ‘Pull Up On Me’. It’s a tune that gives you an electro vibe with a touch of the Caribbean. Stream it below Definitely a song that’s perfect for your Summer playlist. LINK UP!!! Joe Impala on Twitter

  • Show Clothes & Gavriella – ‘Cafuné’

    Show Clothes is a 28-year-old Chicago producer who has collaborated with the soulful vocalist Gavriella to make evocative, genre-blending music. Gavriella’s vocals on ‘Cafuné’ will leave you in a dreamlike wonder and combined with Show Clothes’ production, this track is absolutely brilliant Stream it below LINK UP!!! Show Clothes on Facebook Gavriella on Facebook

  • Derin Falana – ‘The Pick Up’

    Derin Falana is another Hip-Hop artist who should be in our ear a whole lot more. The man’s flow is on point! and the music he is putting out is fire. After releasing his highly anticipated project ‘Live From Rocky Mountain’, Derin Falana brings us the first set of visuals off the project for the… Read more »