Kainalu – Folds Like Origami

Kainalu is one of my favorite up and coming artists. In fact, it’s artists like him that are the reason I got into music blogging to begin with. Rising talents like this guy deserve all the exposure they can get! His most recent psychedelic synth pop track, “Folds Like Origami,” promises to blow up soon…. Read more »

Lincoln Jesser – ‘Drugs’ (feat. Kendall Morgan)

Yooo!! Lincoln Jesser is bringing that heat in 2018. His new track ‘Drugs’ feat Kendall Morgan is his best yet. The track has this marvelous vibe and I love the lyrics and Kendall delivers it in such a perfectly soulful way. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Lincoln Jesser on Facebook and Twitter  

Steve Void & TELYKast – ‘Comfortable’ (ft. Natalie Major)

I’m seriously swooning over this track by Steve Void & TELYKast. The Dutch DJ and the Los Angeles-based new wave electronic trio have combined their talents and created this really sweet dance pop track with the help of Natalie Major on vocals. Let me know what you think of it LINK UP!!! Steve Void on… Read more »

Bluestaeb – ‘Mind’ Feat. Noah Slee & MAÏA

Berlin and Paris based producer Bluestaeb has created a neo-soul masterpiece here with the help of NZ artist Noah Slee and Australia’s multi-disciplinary artist MAÏA. Originally started in 2015, the track found its soulmate when Bluestaeb and Noah met at a show in Stuttgart in 2016 and started sending beats back and forth. “Noah did a first… Read more »

Henry Green – ‘Something’

Ahead of his debut album release on March 30th via Akira Records, rising Bristol producer Henry Green is sharing the final single from the upcoming record with new track ‘Something’. In the words of Henry Green, “‘Something’ is about having someone, or something, that consistently provides you with warmth and light, even when you’re seemingly… Read more »

Bryde – ‘Peace’

I am in love with Bryde’s latest track. With her masterly understanding of dynamics and counterpoint, alongside her unbridled lyricism, ͚’Peace’ sees Bryde at her most amplified. Throughout her career Bryde has tackled challenging subject matter, exploring the curious relationship between vulnerability and empowerment with a psychological nuance and honesty that pegs her as a… Read more »

Styline – ‘Feel The Rhythm’ (Original Mix)

Styline is back with new music and on this latest track he gives his fans some aggressive Power House.  On ‘Feel The Rhythm’ Styline returns to his own signature sound after a lot of recent collaborations. It’s a track that his this fantastic energy and I can’t get enough. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Styline… Read more »

morgxn – ‘translucent’

It seem like forever since I last posted a morgxn track but good things come to those who wait right? Because here we are with a new track and I couldn’t be happier. The talent that morgxn displays every single time I listen to a new song, always blows my mind. He is able to… Read more »

altopalo – ‘Blur’

altopalo has blessed my ears with an amazingly refreshing sound. I’m not sure what genre it is because with ‘Blur’ I get a little electro/chill pop and a little bit of future R&B but a label isn’t and should not be important when the music sounds this good. I’m going to let the press release describe… Read more »

Callum Pitt – ‘Happiness’

The mind can be a whirlwind that whips up all the dust To cloud our minds obscure our view Of the love that is around us the warmth of those we look to I saw dust ’til I saw you, and Everything will pause and be still When the weeds are shooting through the floor… Read more »

  • INTERVIEW: Will Joseph Cook

    When I first watched Will Joseph Cook’s video for ‘Girls Like Me’ back in March, I was impressed. He delivered a song that was catchy and unforgettable and a video that took me back to an era when people actually entertained their fans with their music videos. Now he has dropped a new song, ‘Take Me… Read more »

  • Kill The Noise – ‘Kill It 4 The Kids’ (Slander Remix)

    Banger Alert! Slander went completely brutal with this remix of Kill The Noise’s “Kill It 4 The Kids.” The song is filled with angry synths and crushing percussion hits that will have your head knocking. Massive tune here, good work boys. “For this song we wanted to create a dynamic piece with a subtle intro building up… Read more »

  • INTERVIEW: FØRD is turning heads

    FØRD is an 18 year old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The young producer made his debut in March with ‘Take You Down‘ ft Grace Hughes and since then he has had two more big hits, ‘Touch‘ ft Fueg and the his most recent one, ‘Folding Hills’ ft Xavier Dunn…. Read more »

  • Florian Picasso – ‘Final Call’

    This is my first Florian Picasso tune and I’m hooked. The man is good! ‘Final Call’ is a beautiful track that has flawless vocals, a big production and a drop that will blow your mind. Stream it below Want to know something interesting? Florian Picasso is the great grandson of Pablo Picasso. UPDATE! We have a video… Read more »

  • The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee – ‘Inside Out’ (ARMNHMR Remix)

    Songs from The Chainsmokers seem to be very popular with producers/DJs in the last couple of months. This is the second ‘Inside Out’ that MIML has shared and they are both equally good. I just love to hear the different styles. On ARMNHMR’s remix they give us a wicked intro  and using the original song’s… Read more »

  • RKCB – ‘Elevated’

    A few weeks ago, LA duo RKCB released their newest track, ‘Elevated’. It’s no surprise how good it is, RKCB can clearly do no wrong. ‘Elevated’ features honeyed vocals and a stellar intricate production. Stream it below LINK UP!!! RKCB on Facebook RKCB on Twitter

  • Silence (Alyx Ander Vs Delerium)

    In what is only his second release, Miami-based producer/DJ Alyx Ander, has been entrusted to officially remix one of dance music’s most regarded classics, “Silence” by Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan. Newcomer Alyx Ander joins a respected list of DJs that have remixed the song over the years. Alyx Ander’s approach coaxes the soothing vocals out of the… Read more »

  • TRACE – ‘Honey’ [Mahalo Remix]

    Mahalo’s remix of TRACE’s ‘Honey’ is almost hypnotic. As Mahalo describes it, it’s a “a super chill deep house remix with some laden guitar work”. Love it! If you enjoyed it as much as I did, click here for the free download LINK UP!!! Mahalo on Twitter Mahalo on Facebook

  • Only Want To Give It To You – ‘Elle Varner’ (SoulShape Bootleg)

    I absolutely love Elle Varner and I’m excited about this remix. SoulShape, a production duo from London has given Elle’s ‘Only Want To Give It To You’ a disco remix and it is fire. They did a fantastic job on this one as it has a really nice vibe. Check it out below LINK UP!!!… Read more »

  • Auditorium – ‘Mt. Moriah’

    Auditorium (Spencer Berger) is back with some amazing music. Back in January of last year, I featured ‘My Grandfather Could Make The World Dance’ And now we have ‘Mt. Moriah’ This is the first track off Auditorium’s album, ‘THE FIRST MUSIC’ which will be released this summer. Spencer tells MIML Mt. Moriah refers to the… Read more »