Mahalia – ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’

British rising star Mahalia is out here racking up more than half a million views on her latest video for ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ and that’s not surprising at all. It’s a great song that you will definitely add to your Summer playlist. What I love about it, is its chill vibe. As… Read more »

Yoke Lore – ‘Cut and Run’

Yoke Lore returns to MIML with a brand new song and video. ‘Cut and Run’ is the second single from the Brooklyn-based indie folk pop artist forthcoming third EP, ‘Absolutes’. Speaking about the track and video, the artist said, “Like a centrifuge or mixing sugar into coffee, you stir to rise to the top. In… Read more »

Mike Rogers & JONES & Tiggs Da Author & MYBADD – ‘Loose Ideas’

Ooooo now this is a damn good time! This is a song I can jam to all day. Speaking about the track, Mike Rogers said “We instantly knew the sample was a fresh touch when we build the instrumental. We just had to put the puzzle together with the right features. So you can imagine how… Read more »

Clear Six – ‘Nobody But You’ ft. Hayley May

Looking for a Summer anthem? Clear Six has the track for you. ‘Nobody But You’ is an infectious disco influenced jam that features Hayley May singing so perfectly. Speaking about the tune, Clear Six said, “I wanted to write a song that has that magic of an old school dance record and bring that feeling… Read more »

CHIMES – ‘Find Suki’

CHIMES’ new track is a song you need in your life. With its dancefloor ready beats, ‘Find Suki’ is a definite feel good track. Check it out. Released on BonFire records, the track will be hosted on the label’s open remix program called WildFire. With creative freedom and helping up and comers in mind, the stems… Read more »

Caden Jester – ‘Vacant Love’ (feat. Blake Rose)

This was the first submission I saw in my inbox today. I opened the email, clicked on that SoundCloud link never expecting I would be falling in love with a track so fast. It’s a definite case of love at first listen. Caden gives us a furious-paced drop laden with rumbling bass, feverish progressions and skittering… Read more »

Dimi L. – ‘Nature’ (ft. White Trumpet)

Dimi L.’s latest track is one that will allow you to completely unwind and forget all the stresses of your day. The Greek producer takes us on a lovely musical journey with the help of White Trumpet. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Dimi L. on Facebook and Twitter

Dana Williams – ‘Sunny Day’

I have fallen in love with Dana Williams’ new track ‘Sunny Day’. It’s a beauty of a track and the simplicity of it is spectacular. Dana has this jazzy soul vibe going on and I am digging it. Hear it below Co-written by Dana and Jonah Christian, ‘Sunny Day’ is about the sometime gloomy reality… Read more »

Femke – ‘Wounded’

Femke’s ‘Wounded’ has totally captivated my heart. It’s a stunning piece of music and the lyrics really hits you. Femke is a producer during the day but an artist at night, and on one of those nights ‘Wounded’ was born. “It came from kind of a dark but hopeful place, the lyric is the hopeful… Read more »

Colin Magalong – ‘After Hours’

Colin Magalong is definitely putting his mark on the Pop landscape. His latest release ‘After Hours’ is a beautiful track and on it Colin is giving us some falsetto that will leave you with butterflies in your stomach. Hear it below and get ready to fall in love. LINK UP!!! Colin Magalong on Facebook and Twitter

  • TyC – ‘SELFISH’

    I have been covering TyC’s music for almost a year now and it’s something I will continue to do for as long as he puts out music. I am so impressed by his talent, he keeps wowing me with each release. His latest is a very personal song. The artist lost his father recently and… Read more »

  • Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (Novö Piano)

    Maxence is very talented. His latest offering called “Where Is My Mind” is a mystic cover where he slays the keys. Enjoy.

  • Afrosamuraiist – ‘Drank’

    You ever drank something so smooth that you find yourself saying I have. And Arosamuraiist has me saying the same thing right now with his smooth af track ‘Drank’. Check it out. LINK UP!!! Afrosamuraiist on Facebook and Twitter  

  • CARDS – ‘One Too Many Movies’

    Once you click play on CARDS’ new track , ‘One Too Many Movies’ it’s not going to take you very long before you fall to its charms. On this release, CARDS takes a slightly more soulful route while still maintaining his modern alt sound creating quite a spectacular track. Hear it below LINK UP!!! CARDS on Twitter

  • Isabel Sartain – ‘Fixed’

    Isabel Sartain has a voice that deserves your attention. The LA-based singer-songwriter recently shared ‘Fixed’ off her debut EP ‘Coming To My Senses’. I love Isabel’s style, it’s this soul/pop vibe that I’m really digging. Check out ‘Fixed’ and the rest of the EP below I’m definitely going to keep my eyes and ears on… Read more »

  • Wulf – ‘Switching Gears’

    Dutch artist Wulf continues to impress with his music. He recently shared his third single ‘Switching Gears’, a beautifully written pop track that touches the soul. Hear it below LINK UP!!! Wulf on Facebook and Twitter  

  • Dermot Kennedy – Young & Free’

    I’ve watched this video a countless number of times and each time I’m left in awe. Dermot Kennedy’s voice is incredible. That passion you hear is something else. He released this video a few weeks ago and with the release he announced his biggest European headline shows to date For a full list of dates… Read more »

  • Satin Jackets feat. Emma Brammer – ‘Take It From Me’

    German nu-disco star Satin Jackets has reunited with London based singer Emma Brammer for his latest single ‘Take It From Me’ on Eskimo Recordings. It’s that type of song that would make you want to close your eyes and let your body sway to the melody. It also has this infectious nu-disco groove that’s impossible… Read more »

  • Next Town Down – ‘Easy’

    Am I the only one who misses the vibe that an R&B group like Boyz II Men, Blackstreet and others used to bring? Well Next Town Down is bringing that back and they sound so good. Their track ‘Easy’ is sultry, seductive R&B, suspended between vintage vocal-group soul and thumping bass. Hear it below LINK UP!!!… Read more »

  • Masaya Junior – ‘Teenage Fantasy’ Ft. Khalisha D

    Masaya Junior’s ‘Teenage Fantasy’ is a song you need in your life. The smooth, soulful and groovy track has that magic to make your day even better than it is now. Don’t believe me? Take a listen below Nothing but good vibes here. ABOUT THE ARTIST: 21-year-old producer William Horikawa, otherwise known as Masaya Junior, is… Read more »