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Official Song of the IIHF 2020 Ice Hockey World Championships: ‘Here We Go’

Yves Larock (‘Rise Up’, ‘Zookey’) teams up with fellow Swiss artist Bastian Baker for the official anthem for the 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup. ‘Here We Go’, out on release today, will be heard by a staggering 1 billion viewers across the course of the competition.

Held in Switzerland this May and with 16 countries competing, the IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup is the biggest event in the international calendar. It demands a rousing, triumphant track as its centrepiece and for fans watching in over 160 broadcast territories around the world, that’s exactly what the Swiss duo delivers. 

Larock’s uplifting instrumental is perfectly designed to whip watching fans around the world into a frenzy, while Bastian Baker’s lyrics invoke a fighting spirit and a real love for the game – hardly surprising with Baker once on track to become a professional hockey player himself. Together, the pair craft an anthem for the dedicated, inspired and hopeful; not just for the worldwide hockey community but also accessible to the mainstream pop world outside of its context.

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