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Lucie and Carl Barât work with up-and-coming indie band The Heartless on a new, innovative project

The Heartless is part of a forward-thinking concept, spearheaded by co-frontman of the Libertines Carl Barât and sister Lucie, that brings the most influential aspects of the 00’s indie scene to the forefront of musical discussion. Carl and Lucie are working meticulously with The Heartless to portray a refreshing reflection of a notorious and prolific period of time in this exciting and unequivocally unique project, which kicks off with The Heartless first single: Heartless

 The Heartless is a four-piece band heavily inspired by the original rise of the London indie scene with music authentically written solely by the Barât siblings. Predominantly reflective of Lucie and Carl Barât’s experience of the time, the band’s musical narrative will explore poetic lyrics and impressive guitar-led sonnets. The impressive skill in delivery and distinctive live energy from the band allows feisty vocals from The Heartless lead singer Ellie James to shine through. 

Lucie and Carl are also working with the band towards a larger body of work – their first album, and a  television series with the band portraying a reflection of this notorious and prolific period of time is in development with production company RubyRock Pictures, founded by Zoë Rocha, an established producer of award-winning programming.

Lucie has worked as a professional actress during her wide-spanning career. She is also behind a mountain of screenplays as well as founding the award-winning press and production company, Little Episodes. Carl Barât is predominantly known for his extensive work in The Libertines alongside Pete Doherty. He has a reputation as an impressive multi-instrumentalist and received international praise for his critically acclaimed self-titled album.

The Heartless is the fresh talent behind an intentionally volatile expression of music. Their debut single, Heartless, reflects a tale of individual struggle by utilising distorted guitar, intentionally blunt lyrics and appropriately riotous percussion. The Heartless, alongside the masterful guidance of Lucie and Carl Barât, look forward to re-igniting 00’s indie with their upcoming November release – leading steadily towards their first album.

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