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Victoria Canal – ‘Victoria’ (Official Music Video)

Victoria Canal will grab your attention from the moment you click play on her new video ‘Victoria’. Her voice is fantastic and the accompanying animated visuals are quite impressive. I’ve found myself pressing the replay button a few times, and every time I looked, I saw and heard something new that made me go, wow!

Check it out below

This track is off the alt-pop artist’s upcoming “Victoria” EP. 

Speaking about the project, Victoria said:

 “The entire “Victoria” EP is an exploration of my “self-worth meter”, how it functions in two modes like an on-off switch. But also, how all these different parts of a person can coexist with each other – I can be a blissed out yogi, and also an awkward mess. I can feel like my own best friend, but also like my arch-nemesis”.


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