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The Cold Start – ‘Chrysalis’

This is video that should be on heavy rotation on whatever music video television station there is left.

British, Orlando based Indie band, The Cold Start gives listeners some really great music and I know when more people hear this, they are going to be HUGE. They have a sound that everyone will love. Chyrsalis, is the band’s first single off their upcoming album, ‘III’.

On their official Facebook page, it states, “The UK natives’ 3 year journey as companions and bandmates, has taken them from their homeland of England, to the United States. Residing in Los Angeles before journeying across the US, finally finding a home, in Florida. Such experiences, are the musical inspirations for their 3rd record – ‘III’.
Singular and collective growth, revelations in love and loss, and personal discovery are the lyrical themes, as The Cold Start navigates through material of pop, indie and rock hooks infused with emotion, fire and fragility.”

Can’t wait to hear that record man!

Watch the video below


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