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Taliwhoah – ‘Love Cycle’ (Official Video)

“Are you ever gonna tell your family about us?”

That’s the first thing you hear on Taliwhoah’s new video for ‘Love Cycle’ and those words struck me hard. Those are words I have been asked and that I have asked.

Having recently come out as bi-sexual, Taliwhoah uses this song to reference her struggles since revealing her sexual orientation to her family and friends, and the problems it has caused her since.

“Love cycle is a story so many have experienced! The triumph of a “forbidden” love going against all odds to make it happen! I wanted to tell a story that I could relate too myself and so many of my close friends have experienced also.”

Taliwhoah is a woman braver than most and a woman whose bravery I admire greatly. She tells her truth and shares a very relatable story in these visuals.

Take it in below


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