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Sub Blue – ‘Russian Roulette’ (Official Video) ft. Incisive, Caleb Femi

Sub Blue who takes his name from his self-described style of music, ‘suburban blues’, is one of my favourite artists out of the UK. An artist who I’ve been supporting for some time so I’m excited that he has released new music.

‘Russian Roulette’ which features West London rapper Incisive and acclaimed poet Caleb Femi was produced by fellow Liverpudlian and long-time collaborator XamVolo.

The song tackles themes of tragedy and the inner-saboteur.

“I think that tragedy, like many others, reflects the duality of celebrated recklessness and internal pain vs external perceptions.” – Sub Blue

According to the press release, the song’s official video plays into this message, examining drug culture and self-destruction.

Check it out

The video was produced by Concrete Films and directed and conceptualised by Liam Broughton (THE PLAYMAKER GROUP).

Excellent work by Sub Blue and the team. I can’t wait for what he comes with next.


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