Southern California rock band Sitting On Stacy has unveiled the video for their new single ‘This Summer’s Day‘.

On the video, Sitting On Stacy says:

“The first line of the song inspired the video: ‘I love it when you twirl your hair when we’re watching a movie.’ We wanted there to be a supernatural quality with what was on the TV to be having glitches and changing between different movie genres. We wanted a cool music video with a funny twist where nothing was taken too seriously. 

We wanted the darkness of the night and eeriness of the unknown with the UFO to contrast what the song brings, namely the anticipation of summer fun and a free spirit.” 

The band continues: 

“We shot it in a week and a half and used parts of our house and our backyard for the main locations. We drew a story board animatic to the music and shot it shot for shot. The campy western scene was hilarious and by far the most fun to shoot because of our outfits and our non-professional acting skills. We hope everyone enjoys the video!!”

Sitting On Stacy will embark on their co-headline tour with fellow Californians The Aquadolls next month. The tour kicks off in Santa Ana on March 10th and makes stops in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and more, wrapping up in San Diego on April 16th—see the full list of tour dates below.

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