It is an honor to have Seether’s new video on MIML. This is a band whose music I listened to almost daily when I first heard ‘Broken’. They are one of those bands that played a part in me falling in love with alternative/rock music and really appreciating the genre. Many years later, here I am, watching their new video and just being in awe because they’ve gotten even better. ‘Wasteland’ is a helluva song, and so is the video, which features snake wrangler and conservationist Danielle Wall, along with The National frontman Matt Berninger’s brother Tom Berninger.

Shot amongst ruins of desert homes near Joshua Tree, lead singer Shaun Morgan explains: “We were trying to figure out how to make some kind of statement about the evils of social media and it evolved from one idea to the video it is now. After spending such a long period of time without any kind of personal contact with the other band members, the live performance element was especially important to us – it was good for us mentally and emotionally, but it was also important to visually show that we’ve come out the other side after such a difficult time.”

Check it out!


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