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Seafret – ‘Most Of Us Are Strangers’ (Official Video)

This is a quote from a Seafret fan and when I read it, it really touched me because that is what good music can do. And after listening to ‘Most Of Us Are Strangers’ I totally get it. They are fantastic!! The emotive track, features their trademark folk-pop sound and is the title track from the east-Yorkshire duo’s highly anticipated second album, which is set for release on March 13.

The song is accompanied by an eye-catching video directed by their long-term visual collaborator Stuart Alexander (‘Fall’, ‘Monsters’ and ‘Loving You’).

Speaking about the track and video they explain, “’Most Of Us Are Strangers’, is based around hiding emotions or troubles to save inflicting the worry on others. We go about our daily lives interacting with the same friends, colleagues and loved ones, but most of (the) time the appearance that we give is not a true reflection of how we may be feeling on the inside.

If we were to share our true feelings, our triumphs, battles and our defeats there’s a big chance people’s opinions of us would completely change, thus making most of us strangers. We tend to hold things back because people are all too quick to judge.

To us, although melancholic, the song is hopeful and says, “It’s ok to open up and it’s ok not to be ok.” We hope you all love this as much as we do. Jack and Harry x”

Man, I love that so much.

Check out the video below


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