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Samantha Clemons – ‘Burn’

Samantha Clemons’ has such an incredible voice. It grabbed my attention right away, I raised the volume, closed my eyes so that I could take it all in. After listening a few times, I listened again while watching the video and all I can say is wow!!!

Speaking to xsnoise about ‘Burn’, Samantha said, “It’s clear we’ve come to an impasse in our public discourse. Neither side is willing to cede anything to the other. This song is a reflection on that: the idea that we’ve just been talking past one another and have lost sight of the fact that we occupy a lot of common ground. And while it can certainly be said that for some of us, an underlying malevolence is in play, at the heart of this tension are many of the same concerns, grievances and aspirations. The first step forward is the willingness to get uncomfortable for the sake of one another, for the sake of ourselves – to be willing to put the shoe on the other foot.”

Check out the video below

‘Burn’ is the lead single from Samantha upcoming EP of the same name.


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