Novo Amor & Ed Tullett are not just making good music they are also highlighting issues in the world that many people like myself were not aware of.

In their video for ‘Terraform’, they share the story of the horrific conditions of the sulphur mines in Indonesia. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see that this is what many go through on a daily basis.

Check it out

In an effort to shed light on this situation, Lacey and Tullett will be donating a percentage of revenue from this track to a charity that helps educate the miner’s children, so they don’t have to follow in their parents foot steps. How great is that!

As one person said under the video, “Novo Amor is changing my life, changing my point of view… Is changing my soul.”


‘Terraform’ is off their upcoming album ‘Heiress’, out this November.


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Written by Darcel

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