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If you want to know more about these visuals, NGAIIRE explains it below.

“The whole story concept revolves around two lovers (Sela and her real life partner Mark Turner) who are a part of a cult who must abstain from any kind of affection, lust, love, sex to uphold age old beliefs. Their cover is blown and they are punished. The cult represents uniformity, culture, religion, ideology with the angular choreography further meant to reflect the militant and sometimes absurd ways in which we choose to move as groups of people. The lovers represent the yearning to live outside of the boxes but unable to because of the perimeters that are there. I am merely a story teller within the story which Adam opted to have me dropped in a bit later as to not be the entire focal point of the story which I think works well especially since I had initially toyed with the idea of not being in it at all. I also serve to represent a choice made to be loud and proud against the backdrop of what society wants to dictate to me what I should act like – which is not a multi-faceted black woman.” – NGAIIRE


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