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Molly Moore – ‘Natural Disaster’ [MTS Remix]

Molly Moore has shared a stunning video for MTS’ remix of her hit tune, ‘Natural Disaster’.


Natural Disaster (MTS Remix) – Matthew Shell

Molly Moore writes about this video: “We filmed the video in Huntington Beach and made some stops along the way for some other scenes. We wanted to go for more of a cinematic looking story with the song being the soundtrack. A funny behind the scenes story… the running shot was actually us being kicked out of the shipping/storage area we were guerilla-style shooting in. The themes & symbolism with imagery are all deriving from the idea that our darkness is a figment of our imagination. We can choose to follow it, or run from it, or let it take us over. I wanted to paint the picture of a cat & mouse chase between body/mind/spirit/light & fear. I liked this concept so much because while it encapsulates the brooding, emotional vibe of the song, I found it to be empowering in a visceral way. Ultimately the message for me was to express this kind of relationship in an artistic, creatively impactful way… I wanted people to question whether the darkness is coming from an external source or if it’s possibly an internal, self-fulfilling prophecy.”


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