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Magdalena Bay – ‘Money Lover’ (Official Music Video)

I am swooning over Magdalena Bay’s ‘Money Lover’. The L.A. duo has delivered a dreamy slice of Pop perfection as Mica’s tender vocals gives me a Gwen Stefani dipped in 80s magic vibe and the video captures that so perfectly.

Check it out below

Speaking on the track they state; “With Money Lover, we wanted to write an anthem for people who aren’t into lavish displays of wealth,” they explain. “There are so many songs that glorify being mega rich and we (unfortunately) don’t relate to that. So we made this fun anti-money disco jam. Narratively, it tells the story of a guy who tries to win Mica over with his daddy’s yacht and luxury vacation pics– but
she’d never trade in her Birkenstocks for Balenciaga.”


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