Meet MÁDAM and hear her debut track ‘Rise Up’.

This was a song that came through on Submit Hub and I had to accept it. Not only does she have a really great voice, she is sending out some much needed positive vibes and motivation and the song’s official video has just put a smile on my face.

“MÁDAM explains “Music should be the gate to a non divisive world, where all are accepted for who they are or who they want to become. We live in world full of barriers and guide lines, where one needs to follow the rules of what and who they should or shouldn’t be. Music is our common ground, which is why the lyrics of “Rise Up” are simple and relatable. Every one has the right to understand and use these words for what motivates them to continue fighting and continue being who they wish to be. It’s simple because that’s how life should be with music. It’s inclusive, it’s relatable and it’s what you want it to be.”


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Written by Darcel

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