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Luke De-Sciscio – ‘The Sky Exhaled’ (Official Video)

Happy Monday!

I’m starting the week off with a beautiful stop motion animation music video from Luke De-Sciscio.

Speaking about the video Luke said, “so on the first day of this year I decided it was time to try pushing myself in a new direction. Acting, somewhat naively, on a dream – I set myself a month aside to visually bring to life a track of mine in the form of a stop motion animation. I would hand draw each scene and then, with my shitty old phone taped up to a tripod, incrementally move each aspect, or …draw another bird further into its flight – or …well whatever really. Much back ache. Much ”just 10 more’s.” With no experience to speak of, this was very much a learning on the go type situation, a month of long days melted away, the deadline jumped to ”End of February” then ”End of March” – then the inevitable despair that sort of rears it’s ugly head when you start questioning if it wouldn’t just be easier to cut your losses and give up… these intense 3 months we’re a microcosm of any creative journey. But then the end was in sight. AND NOW. It’s done. And I honestly couldn’t be more delighted to share this video with you.”

Check it out!


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