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Kodaline – ‘Wherever You Are’ (Official Video)

I’ve started off my Sunday in tears but I’m not sad, I’m happy and grateful to Kodaline for sharing the stunningly beautiful video for ‘Wherever You Are’.

The visuals focus on a young couple (played by Teresa Oman and Nick Mahady) in a blossoming relationship. They’d always planned a trip to Morocco together, but his tragic death meant that it was an ambition that they couldn’t’ fulfill. She later decides to complete the journey alone. It’s a bittersweet experience: it’’s the trip of a lifetime and a fitting way to say goodbye, but his absence is heartbreaking.

Take a look

Director Riley Blakeway’s interpretation of frontman Steve Garrigan’s lyrics perfectly captures the song’s poignancy.

Blakeway commented, “After hearing the song for the first time, I was reminded of a close friend that lost someone very special to her and shortly after, went on a trip in search of catharsis. I then asked that friend to star in the film and the result was one of the most meaningful collaborations I’ve had. I can’t thank Teresa enough for the trust and vulnerability she gave me.”


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