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The King’s Parade – ‘Haze’

I featured The King’s Parade’s ‘Haze’ just last month and now the very talented London quartet have put out one amazing video. The video accompanies their annoucement of the release of their new EP Haze, due on May 12th.

Check it out below

Regarding ‘Haze’ The King’s Parade say, “‘Haze’ describes the feeling of helplessness when you fall hard for someone. You’re drawn in and you indulge yourself in the moment. You surrender to that feeling and see where it takes you. In all of our music videos we try to tell a story to give the viewer another insight into the song. Dance and music are so intertwined and after the amazing response we got from the “Silhouette” video, we wanted to try something even more complex and visually striking. At the end of the shoot, we knew we had something special.”


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